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How to Save Instagram Stories ( Story saver for Instagram )

Instagram stories are those short snippets of our day that are visible to our followers for 24 hours. We can post pictures, Boomerangs, and short videos on our stories that would otherwise not be fit for our actual feed. However, these stories may be significant parts of our day, and sometimes, we want to keep these snippets for more than 24 hours.

In this article, we will explore the options on how to download Instagram stories, use an IG story downloader, how to save Instagram story videos, and how to save others’ stories most easily and efficiently.

How to see stories on instagram without them knowing

Our tool gives you the opportunity to watch instagram stories anonymously.

The stories are a feature that allows users to upload pictures, text posts, Boomerangs (short videos that loop repeatedly), Superzooms (videos with zoom effects), and simple videos among other features. It is similar to other apps such as Snapchat and Messenger stories. When you upload an , it will be visible to you and your followers for up to 24 hours. If your profile is set to public, anyone can view your stories as well (insta story download ).

Download & See instagram stories Anonymously

Our tool gives you the possibility to View Someone's insta Story Anonymously and without them knowing all you have to do is enter the users name in the search box and VOILA.

Our tool will show the user's stories so you can Save story .

How to Download Instagram story video

Step 1 : Enter the name of the user

Step 2 : Click on Download Stories

Step 3 : Select the Story video downloader

Step 4 : Watch it or Download IT

How to download Instagram story video

The stories are available for your followers for a span of 24 hours. Once the 24-hour span is up, your will no longer be viewable by your followers. However, you can still view your old storieas using the archive on our website.


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