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    The Pregnancy Escape. Falmata Oumar, with her son, her mother and grand mother, sell together some peanuts and spices, in front of their house in Mainé Soroa, Diffa region, Niger. Falmata Oumar, 15, comes from Gonge Sabou Layi in Nigeria. “My parents are divorced since I was born. Because of the repeated attacks of Boko Haram in the surroundings of my village, we had to leave our home with my mother and my grandmother. We came to Mainé (Niger), and settle in Guidan Kaji (refugee site). There I got pregnant. I didn’t say anything to anyone. Not even to my family. After a while I started vomiting often. I was feeling dizzy. That is how my mother discovered my secret. She almost fainted when I told her the truth. I felt so ashamed, that I ran away. I wanted to go far away. So I went to the bus station to leave for Zinder. I lied to the bus driver, telling him my parents were there waiting for me. I travelled sit next to a woman I got along with. Once we arrived she discovered I was on my own. As she was looking for a maid, she invited me to work for her. I spent some months there, cleaning her house, doing the laundry. Every end of the month she was giving me 7000 FCFA (around 11 euros). 7 months later, I couldn’t hide my pregnancy anymore. I told everything to the woman. She comforted me, and told me I should come back to my family to give birth. She bought me a bus ticket so I could go home. Instead of stopping at Mainé where my family was, I got off the bus in another village. I didn’t want to go back home. There, I didn’t know anyone. At night time, I fell asleep against a wall in the street. In the morning a man called the police, saying I was probably a woman of Boko Haram. The police took me away as a child affiliated to the armed group. I spent thre days at the police station, before I was placed in a host family. Today I am back with my family and my son Adboul Razak Boulama is 2, and he is fine.” #africa #everydayafrica #niger #everydayeverywhere #bokoharam #withrefugees #photojournalism #lensculture #documentaryphotography #lonelyplanet #portraiture
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    From snow and ice to fog and rain. One of our volunteers @lucyspencer19 on the ground in Ritsona Refugee Camp took this image of the eerie, gloomy weather this week. The snow may have melted here in Ritsona, but refugees across Greece still face an unpredictable and cold winter, and we are increasingly concerned about EU plans to start sending refugees back to Greece. #refugeesGR #withrefugees
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    #WelcomeWednesdays: a look into Angelique's ESL classroom. We're lucky to have volunteers around our office who come for cultural exchange and English instruction. All refugee and Cuban clients attend ESL classes at our office during their Resettlement & Placement period, the first 90-days. English language instruction is a major aspect of cultural adaptation. And as our Program Manager Dragana says, "English is your first job in America!" #RefugeesWelcome #withrefugees #SharetheLex #KeepKYGlobal
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    “With food for our stomachs, refugees can survive. But only if they are given food for the soul will they be able to thrive" Yusra Mardini, 18, is the youngest participant at the #WorldEconomicForum #WEF17. She's in Davos with @unrefugees to keep the #refugee issue on the global agenda. Thank you @mardiniysra! #yusramardini #TeamRefugees #WithRefugees
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    Can you believe it? Nour knitted this headscarf for me and Rahaf, so we can match! When Nour gave birth, we were by her side for more than 24 hours. Since I was in the room when she delivered, I'm now Rahaf's "habbaba," which is an affectionate term for grandma. Excited to be a grandma at 28! This is @francescatrianni on assignment in Thessaloniki. #everydayrefugees #withrefugees #greece
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    Grateful to the support from Empowering Yogis for the class they will teach on 28th January at 11.30am in honour of Ourmala. Join them at Zen Yoga studio in Camberwell for this open level vinyasa flow class. To book a place email #refugeeswelcome #asylumseekers #refugees #yoga #yogaforrefugees #zenyoga #camberwell #london #londonyogis #empower #empoweringyogis #lovenothate #hopenothate #withrefugees
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    The team at RefuAid are incredibly excited to be increasing our support of locally-run, sustainable language projects in Greece. We are proud to announce our partnership with Georgia Papadopolou, who helps refugees gain a good level of English so that they can qualify for further study, integrate into Greek society, and find job opportunities. Georgia was born in Greece and has been teaching language to locals and foreigners for 30 years. She has dedicated the past few years of her life to volunteering at refugee camps on the Greek islands, and has taken it upon herself to empower refugees through language and education. Her project enables refugees to sit internationally recognised exams, which opens the door to further education and access to employment. “Without an organisation like yours I would not be able to complete this project, which I believe is so important because it gives people hope”, she says. For the thousands of refugees and displaced individuals across Greece right now, sustainable projects such as this that give them a sense of dignity are a salvation. In order to rejuvenate the local tourism economy and improve the English skills of the local Greek community that has long been suffering under the nation’s economic crisis, we are also supporting 4 Greek students to attend Georgia’s school. The typically defining characteristic of refugee camps is a limitation on rights and freedoms and therefore a limitation on people’s ability to make meaningful choices about their lives. That's why it is deeply engrained into our ethos that we support local communities to provide essential services and give assistance to refugee communities in a bottom-up, sustainable way that can positively impact local development. It is at the heart of this ethos that we listen to local consensus on how to help those newly-arrived in their community. This is what creates positive conditions between communities, which lays the foundations that stronger, more integrated futures are built on. We can’t wait to see how Georgia’s students fare in the next exams in February. *Pictured here are Georgia’s students on a field trip to the Samos Museum, Greece.
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    Sabah al-khair from Nour! We're getting ready for the day. Nour and her family left a refugee camp three weeks ago and they have no idea of how long they will stay in this hotel. She hopes to go to Germany one day. This is @francescatrianni from Thessaloniki with @lynseyaddario and @arynebaker. #refugees #withrefugees #everydayrefugees #greece
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    #Regram @mardiniysra "On my way to the World Economic Forum at Davos with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. I'm so excited to be there. Lots of preparation for my speeches! #teamrefugees #withrefugees #WEF17" LIVE at 9.30pm AEST tonight Olympic swimmer Yusra will be answering questions on Facebook. Submit your questions in the comments and tune in at At just 18 years old, Yusra Mardini is the youngest participant at the World Economic Forum. #WEF17 #TeamRefugees
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    It's #HumanitarianTuesday. Every Tuesday, the Overture community shares stories of refugees around the world. This week's photo features a family from Afghanistan in their hotel room in central Athens. #Overture, #DigitalHumanitarian, #SocialGood, #GlobalGoals, #ShareHumanity, #WithRefugees, #Jodi_Hilton
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    🇺🇬 🇬🇧✨❤ • #CaraDelevingne #WithRefugees #Uganda #GirlUp #cara
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    Update from Jill of #CTFDistributionTeam23! Northern Greece, PART 1 OF 3 This cold spell is not normal for Greece. To see snow in the cities and on beaches is not the norm. Amanda and I cannot help but think of the refugees in tents or in unheated buildings. We worked in the main warehouse in Athens yesterday, and it is crazy how cold it was in that concrete building, but outside it was a good 20 degrees warmer! It seems that we are trading off with rooms with no heat. My turn was last night. You start thinking as you lay there, “Surely the heat will kick in soon,” then you might get up and look for an extra blanket in the cupboard, then dig around in your roller bag for the long underwear … it made for a long night, but I did eventually get some sleep with like 10 layers on! We had breakfast in the hotel: usually an egg, some Greek yogurt with honey, a piece of fruit. Very simple. We were anxious to get on the road; we arrived in the dark and were surprised to see in the morning light that we were circled with snow-drenched mountains. The sky was a crisp blue. So lovely. #withRefugees #solidarity #babyboxes #babybeds #babywearing #hope #dignity #childrenfirst #refugeeswelcome #refugeefamilies #instagood #CTFtripjournal
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    Education does not finish when you leave School. The is 17year old Mary who is holding her two months old child after fleeing from south Sudan to Uganda. Something i haver seen here and have been completely blown away by is the unpardlled strengtch of the mothers #withrefugees
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    Thank you for watching our live! If you have more questions about refugees in Greece, leave a comment below. Pictured here is Nour's old camp, Oreokastro, in Thessaloniki. This is @arynebaker and @francescatrianni, on assignment for @findinghome with @lynseyaddario #withrefugees #timemagazine #everydayrefugees
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    💛 All hearts beat the same. 💛 #Regram @Amnesty because now is the time to stand #WithRefugees and make 2017 a year to be proud of. #RefugeesWelcome #LoveConquersHate
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    We're going LIVE from Nour's refugee camp at 10:30 AM EST to show you her old home. This is your chance to ask questions about life in the camp or refugee issues. Leave us a comment below and we'll answer during the live. This is @francescatrianni and @arynebaker in Thessaloniki, Greece. #everydayrefugees #withrefugees Thanks to the @pulitzercenter for supporting this project.