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    逝かれた配線を頼りになる仲間が夜な夜な直してくれやした。これで明日は気兼ね無く走れる! #srchopper #電装逝かれる#頼りになる仲間#WhiteHELMETS#ガーレジ
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    22.6: world refugee day. seeing our brothers and sisters across the earth flee their homes due to violence unspeakable, all we can do is share the greatest Love of all. we're proud to support @opendoorsau in supporting refugees around the world. their aid is working to change the atmopshere, and we're praying that Love makes all the difference. . find out how you can help support all the work of open doors by visiting
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    today is the international day of the refugee, and we're acknowledging this day during the largest mass displacement of people since the second world war. it can feel like the world is getting darker and darker, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed.. even easier to block it all out rather than scratch that itch in our hearts. . as of the 31st of may, over 65 million people have been displaced, 22.5 million have been recognised as refugees, and out of those 22.5, about half are children under the age of eighteen. . please, don't turn away. don't scroll past or think of this as liberalist propaganda drenched in emotion. see our brothers, our sisters, and act. . depending on your home country, there are plenty of simple ways to help out: -donate to the united nations high commission for refugees (UNCHR) to support faster, more efficient processing of refugee claims and maintain hygenic conditions in displacement camps - head to for faith-based boots on the ground support in iraq - support the white helmets ( to continue providing partisan emergency support to conflict zones in syria - find your favourite international charity (world vision, donate food and time to the asylum seekers resource centre in melbourne(, the asylum seekers centre in greater sydney ( or donate to the refugee council of australia ( - call up or write to your local MP, participate in partisan, positive, rallies visit your local immigration detention facility to build relationships with asylum seekers and refugees in your community (any sydney folks, I'm working through the process now so I'm happy to help) . what matters is that you do something. if you can't afford to donate financially, offer your time. if you have no time, find one day a fortnight, I've got two jobs, a volunteer position and a full time study load and I'll still be attending the next rally in the sydney cbd. whatever happens, do not let apathy be the story that you share when all is said and done. our hearts were made to break in moments like these we were made to build together.
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    #whitehelmets were filmed dumping and beheading #Syrian #army in the dumpster. Have I told you white helmets have started their project in Indonesia? If you think what is happening in middle East is bad, just pray shits won't happen in Indonesia. We have the same population like whole middle east.
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    Artwork by @vivicrylic ・・・ An illustration of a female member of the White Helmets of Syria, or the Syrian Civil Defense. These volunteer rescue workers risk their lives to save civilians caught in the bombing of the Syrian civil war. I admire them so much, even more so when they finally started recruiting female members, and I created this piece to spread their message amongst all of you :) (I also wanted to point out that the background/colors are inspired by the Syrian Rebel flag, and that the emoji flag for Syria is actually Assad's flag -> 🇸🇾, and since I don't support him I don't use it) #art2defy #peace #love #art #arts #painting #drawing #sketch #news #media #syria #syrian #whitehelmets #artistic #portrait #portraits #politics #news #media #doodle #doodles #fineart #artshare #graphicdesign #contemporaryart #modernart #activism #activist #canvas #illustration #illustrator #refugees