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  • about 14 hours ago
    "I'm a very ordinary human being; I just happen to like reading books."
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  • about 2 months ago
    "I think the first and only really unmistakable sign is the gradual onset of the continuous running commentary inside your head. Unwelcome and frankly unattractive thoughts keep coming at you with increasing relentlessness, until they join up into a fast-flowing stream. A tendency to answer, 'Yeah, right' when anyone tries to persuade you that something has improved, and a blanket 'Get out of my face' response to anyone who invades your personal space." That's what makes a Grumpy Old Man. So if you too are an old soul living in a young body, read this book yesterday! ❤️
  • 3 months ago
    "For women live much more in the past. They attach themselves to places. "
  • 3 months ago
    "I tried to hold on to this compassion, sensing its preciousness, but even as I reached to grasp it, it dissipated into wisps. No revelation can endure unless it is bolstered by a calm pure mind- and I'm afraid I didn't possess that."
  • 4 months ago
    "He was too weak; he could scarcely raise his hand. Besides, now that he was quite alone, condemned, deserted, as those who are about to die are alone, there was a luxury in it, an isolation full of sublimity; a freedom which the attached can never know." If for some unfortunate reason, you can read only one book this life, make it this one. ❤️
  • 6 months ago
    "Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart." This gem of a book, so beautiful, so un-kafkaesque! ❤️
  • 6 months ago
    "They were kissing. Put like that, and you could be forgiven for presuming that this was a normal kiss, all lips and skin and possibly even a little tongue. You'd miss how he smiled, how his eyes glowed. And then, after the kiss was done, how he stood, like a man who had just discovered the art of standing and had figured out how to do it better than anyone else who would ever come along." There are three random things I want to state: 1. I miss my best friend. 2. Deep in my heart, I truly believe that Neil Gaiman is my therapist and I can't wait to meet him one day. 3. You don't need a reason/ an occasion to accessorise any part of your body.
  • 6 months ago
    Those good ol' days when I wanted nothing but Simba's courage and Snow White's happily-ever-after. Now, I'd rather have Timon & Pumba's sense of humour than any of those hoaxes.
  • 7 months ago
    So let the sun shine 🌝in, face it with a grin, Smilers 😄 never lose and frowners ☹️ never win! 🎼
  • 7 months ago
    "Go ahead, underestimate me. I thrive on that shit!" . . . . . . . . . . . I'm obsessed with this series! Thank you, @hamee_india for this! 💛📒 . . . . . I love you, @brittlrobertson #BrittRobertson
  • 7 months ago
    Home-day with farmhouse pizza, coke, and a book that defines my current relationship status too damn well!
  • 7 months ago
    Blue is the warmest color. I bring to you a list of books that are filled with daily-life stories, objectivism 😉, graphics, hardcore emotions, will-ruin-you-in-the-soul-emotions, and of course, some intellectual facts. Fill your dosage of categories. 💙
  • 7 months ago
    Yes, we will and how! 🎀💞
  • 7 months ago
    Don't know about foolish, but I always stay hungry. Doritos = Yumm 🍙
  • 7 months ago
    (Quite literal) PERKS of being a wallflower. I wanted to do this for so long! 😂💚🍫
  • 8 months ago
    "I believe that anyone who says that sex is overrated just hasn't done it properly. I believe in an empty and godless universe of casual chaos, background noise and sheer blind luck. I believe that life is a game, life is a cruel joke & that life is what happens when you're alive & that you might as well lie back and enjoy it." This was one of the longest but the most perfect books that I've ever read. If you've ever dreamt of being a writer, then this is just the right book for you. I could kiss @neilhimself a thousand times just for the sentences he wrote in this book. Mind = Blown By the way, American Gods is finally coming on as a series. How exciting is this 'Mr. Wednesday' news for a Wednesday afternoon?! 😏❤️📕
  • 8 months ago
    "More than 1001 micro-pleasures that will take you from breakfast to bedtime with a smile." A gem of a book. It tells you how the simplest yet the most adventurous pleasures in life conclude with making a happy list. 💗