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  • about 1 hour ago
    Tricked this guy into dating me 4 years ago. What an idiot. #fourmoreyears
  • about 7 hours ago
    Did a thing today. #fourmoreyears #woopwoop
  • about 13 hours ago
    There are no simple formulas or easy answers to the multiple and intersecting crises we all face in the coming Trump era. None of us in the U.S. left have lived through a comparable period in this country. But we must begin now to discuss and engage in comradely debate about what the true lessons of previous failures are in order to create the solidarity, organization and struggle needed to survive and even advance in the years to come. To read Sherry Wolf's full article go to / Foto: @patrickbeverly #fourmoreyears #independent #media
  • about 17 hours ago
    This is a great example of how poor the education system is and how easily people are fooled.
  • about 17 hours ago
    Fascists of the future.. Wont call themselves Fascists.
  • about 17 hours ago
    So will this story be called "Fake News" by the left in a few weeks time.
  • about 17 hours ago
    No one is going to report this?
  • about 17 hours ago
    A Real Feminist. Take Note Sweden.
  • about 21 hours ago
    At the conclusion of her first four year term I'm happy to say this one has been re-elected to the position of Girlfriend. #fourmoreyears Happy four years, Sunshine. I love you. ❤️
  • 1 day ago
    Chronicles of my adult life. Update: insta filters do not make it better.
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    The NEW ISSUE is out on the streets! . The Trump administration loves 'alternative facts' and hates a free press. Your backing keeps us strong. #independentmedia #newpaper #new #issue #fourmoreyears
  • 1 day ago
    u gave me a reason for my being, n i love what i'm feeeeelin! u gave me a meaning to my life; yes, i've gone beyond existing! and it all began when i met u! i love u, thanks for being the best for ✌🏼years running #INFLUENCER #BABY #FOURMOREYEARS #MICHELLE2020 sorry 4 being ~that dude~ that loves his gf on social media lol
  • 1 day ago
    "On Friday night I attended a panel discussion put on by the Young Democratic Socialists of America and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung as part of YDSA’s national conference about how to fight back against Trump....I felt that the basic needed strategy in the Trump era—large coalitions to defend liberal democracy and institutions we need over the long term (unions, academia, etc) and embattled communities, which will necessitate electoral support for quite yucky Democrats who nevertheless are much less likely to engage in unhinged attacks on these institutions and facilitate the worst of Trump—was pretty much absent." Steven Sherman. To read the full article go to #nyc #trump #fourmoreyears
  • 1 day ago
    1. Wahlkreiskonferenz im Zuge des Bundestagswahlkampfes - wir haben gute Ideen 👍 Das werden spannende Monate bis zum 24.09. 😉 #einervonunsinberlin #hagenburg #ratskeller #bundestagswahl #wahlkampf #cdu #merkel #fourmoreyears #bundestag #schaumburg #schaumburgerland #nienburg #nienburgweser
  • 2 days ago
    Four years ago today I was in a bad place musically, mentally, etc. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue in music (spoiler, kids: music is really hard work), or maybe life either. I was playing in the pit for a production of Pippin, and was frustrated with how poorly I was playing. I decided I was just going to play every single day, no matter what. Fast-forward to today, I haven't missed a day on a horn in 1,462 days, I'm playing as well as I've ever played, am nearing completion on a second album with @marahinthemainsail, am about to go play at SXSW next month with them, and am loving doing music. I just started working on Marshall Gilkes' solo from the Maria Schneider Orchestra's "The Monarch and the Milkweed" last night, so here's the beginning of that (more or less) to celebrate the start of another four years. #nevergiveupneversurrender #trombone #violetbach #fourmoreyears #musiclife