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  • about 5 hours ago
    In Uganda, I saw first hand the difference World Vision makes in communities- they really work in every aspect to ensure enriching futures for children. Currently in Uganda, the goals are: ending child sacrifice, ending school violence, and childhood marriage. World Vision empowers communities through education, community awareness and changing social norms. You ever wonder if you can make a difference in the world? I am running the NYC marathon with the goal to raise $10,000 for child protection- more children going to school, more children staying safe, more children having a bright future. You can make that impact! Please join me! #teamworldvision #gofarthertogether #marathonjourney #marathontraining #runforcharity #runforchildprotection #runforcleanwater #childsponsorship #twv
  • about 8 hours ago
    Packets, packets and more packers! If you sponsored a child this weekend, your packets will be in the mail soon! #150challenge #childsponsorship
  • about 9 hours ago
    The gift of an education can drastically transform the life of any child. It gives them an opportunity that they otherwise may not ever have. It's an opportunity for a brighter future, and this is only part of the vision that Vapor Ministries has for their child sponsorship program, Hasmin's Friends. // #missions #childsponsorship #sponsorachild #education
  • about 10 hours ago
    Rancho Ebenezer is 80 beautiful acres of land outside of the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Sponsoring one of these kids helps support their life in family-style homes with mentor parents and a Christ-centered, bilingual education. Check out the link in our profile to learn more about sponsoring one of these sweet kids! #honduras #wgomissions #wgokids #childsponsorship #orphanage #missions #missionarylife #instagood #kidstagram #summerlearning#bilingualteaching #summer
  • about 10 hours ago
    Another great achievement over the past year is the opening of our little English school which is free for our Child Sponsorship students. They love it so much that they turn up to class during the holidays, and we've had to purchase more desks on two occasions as neighbours, relatives and friends come along to learn. A huge thank you to Miss Hiep and Miss Tuyet for teaching our students, and to Hieu for letting us rent the space! #childsponsorship #sponsorship #sponsorachild #vietnam #poverty #charity #education #englishschool #bethechange #nzcharity #quanamfoundation
  • about 12 hours ago
    Always emotional being reunited with my sponsor-sons when I visit Kenya. My second sponsor-son James is 15 & lives at Dream Children's Home in the Ngong Hills, where we continue to build & upgrade with the Kenya Build team. #dreamchildrenshome #orphanage #kenya #ngonghills #ngongtown #nairobi #africa #sponsorchild #sponsorson #childsponsorship #education #future #hope #hopeforthefuture #jamesnelsontenor #jamesnelson #kenyabuild
  • about 13 hours ago
    Meet Edward. Edward lives in Kabalagala with his family. Edward's parents worked hard to pay his school fees while he was in primary school; however, they were unable to afford school fees for Edward to go to secondary school. Edward remembered Sozo missionaries who were helping to send children to school years ago. Edward reached out to a Sozo missionary and shared his desire to finish his education and his parents' lack of resources. Sozo has been able to partner with Edward's parents to ensure that he can continue his education. This partnership was only possible through sponsorship. We are thankful for all of our sponsors who are providing the Sozo kids with amazing opportunities to follow their dreams.
  • about 14 hours ago
    Join us in providing nourishment to these hungry kids. #ProjectNourish #Haiti #feedingprogram #education #childsponsorship #makeadifference
  • about 15 hours ago
    Creating spots for Asian Aid today with this handsome guy. #childsponsorship
  • about 15 hours ago
    “My classmates envy me that I have a good granny, they say you are amiable and fashionable, I’m glad to hear of their praises.” Li, China, sponsored child. #Quoteoftheday Who doesn't love a bit of flattery?! #Tuesday #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayVibes #CharityTuesday #Tuesdays #ChangetheWorld #PlanInternationalUK #SponsoraChild #ChildSponsorship #MakeaDifference #ChangeaLife #sponsorship
  • about 16 hours ago
    Vinod is from South Asia. His father passed away from an unidentified illness. His mother sought help for Vinod and he is now in our sponsorship program. He is in need of a sponsor. Could that be you? 25 Project #orphancare #vulnerablechildren #bethechurch #childsponsorship
  • about 16 hours ago
    Want to create a brighter future for young men like these? Spend your lunch break with CEO Matt Storer and his wife Cheryl as they share practical steps for supporting children in Cambodia. Head over to our Facebook page at 2:00pm CT (1:00pm MT) to join! . . . . . . #visiontrust #orphans #orphancare #missions #Cambodia #childsponsorship
  • 1 day ago
    For me, a highlight of our Child Sponsorship Program is when we conduct house visits to see the child in their home and meet their family or caregivers. It's humbling to sit on the floor of someone's home and ask them about their jobs, income, education and dreams for their children. Last year I introduced a new question on my interview form. I asked the parent or caregiver - 'What is your dream for this child?' The answer resulted in tears almost every single time. I saw the pain, the fear and the desperation in their eyes. They held my hands and pleaded for help. The over-riding message was always the same, we just want them to attend school, receive an education, get a good job and do better than us. Child Sponsorship is changing not only one child's life, but those around them are hugely impacted by the hope that one day their future will change #childsponsorship #sponsorachild #nzcharity #charity #poverty #education #bethechange #quanamfoundation
  • 1 day ago
    Highlights of our Child Sponsorship Program Phuong was the first child to join our program and found her sponsor the same day! She was 7 years old and studying in Grade 2. Phuong joined the program in June 2016 and I met her in August 2016. At that time we visited her school and attended their first day of school ceremony. I met her father and visited her home, even facetiming her sponsor in NZ. She received a t-shirt and cap and was invited to our field trip to the water park. Her family were given a food and care parcel as well as 3 months scholarship to assist with school related costs. I met Phuong again in January 2017 to present her another scholarship along with books, pencil case and crayons. She received a new outfit for Tet (Lunar New Year) and we arranged a magician to perform at her school. During this time her sponsor has received detailed reports and photos, along with her Mid-Year and End Year school reports. In May, our team visited Phuong at school to present another scholarship and gift all her textbooks for her new grade. I will be seeing Phuong again in August where she will receive another scholarship, food parcel and come to our day trip at a water resort. We have a loving, dedicated and personal relationship with each of our children. It's my hope that sponsors feel a personal connection with their child and are welcome to visit Vietnam and meet them one day! Sponsorship for primary age children is just $20 per month #childsponsorship #sponsorship #sponsorachild #education #vietnam #poverty #charity #nzcharity #quanamfoundation
  • 1 day ago
    A little insight into the weekly schedule of the children at the JCC home in Bo, Sierra Leone. Girls spend time on Saturday and Sunday morning doing each others hair. Lots of different styles with fun names to choose from! #jccm #sierraleone #childsponsorship