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7 days ago 

Tough love all around at the #IronFist premiere. 👊❤️ The Final Defender arrives tonight at 12:01 Pacific.
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  • og._.gabe

    4 days ago

    did danny have a stunt man

  • blackmetalwarrior1991

    4 days ago

    this show is amazing!!! rotten tomatoes says it was bad?!??! they are smoking crack this show is fucken great!! whoever dosent like it idk what to say to you

  • _staygold___24_

    3 days ago

    Loving the show! Hoping when defenders hits though that we get away from the whole, heroes lose power temporarily shtick and stick to heroes being badasses. Daredevil being injure a ton in both seasons, Luke Cage being shot with the special bullets, Jessica Jones refusing to help when you know she eventually will and then Danny losing the fist in episode 10, LOVE these shows so much but hopefully this trend of similar arcs is gonna change with defenders

  • mambokats

    3 days ago

    I am tired of idiot critics who are jaded because they get everything sent to them for free and don't have any creative bones in there sad bodies. I just binged watched "The Iron Fist" and it was pretty good! .. enough to make me forget about the mundane bullshit that comes with with the everyday grind. Yes the fight scenes might not have been choreographed by Yuen Woo-Ping (The Matrix) and I winced here and there when it came to the corny love scenes but they were still good. and the story was interesting to me. "The Iron Fist" is no disaster as this idiot critic writes and wants to make you believe. Watch it and have fun doing so! .. You can't judge the scope of a comic book story turned movie the way you judge other films that get released on the big screen because this is Netflix and we know that! So sit the fuck down and RELAX! it's just a Netfilix movie! for christ sakes.

  • m.isabel_lourenco

    3 days ago

    Awesome picture😃

  • laej_

    3 days ago


  • d_loves_

    3 days ago

    Love this show!!

  • yafavfiinese

    2 days ago

    Yall need be back likes yall old self

  • kyrizzlemynizz.l

    2 days ago

    danny rand more like danny bland

  • creativity_richyroy

    2 days ago

    Love him as iron fist

  • cubby166

    2 days ago

    Awesome show.

  • paythe_ransom

    1 day ago

    6/10 it was cool

  • julianmorales8098

    1 day ago

    Keep up the great work

  • liammcknight99

    1 day ago

    When does defenders come to Netflix Australia

  • chriscalderon9

    about 14 hours ago

    @danivargasl ya comenzaste??

  • jenyandradem

    about 10 hours ago

    Loooved it!!! Great show and Finn looks great. Already finished first season. Definitely want to see more. @netflix @finnjones