9 days ago 

THANK YOU Prez!!! Barack
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  • so.so.sef

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  • afridacn

    4 days ago

    ➡вяσтнєяѕ..ιƒ уσυ ℓαzу тσ gσ тσ тнє тнєαтнєяє тσ ωαт¢н мσνιєѕ, мσαηα, υη∂єяωσяℓ∂, ƒαηтαѕтι¢ вєαѕт, ∂σ¢тσя ѕтяαηgє, αяяιναℓ, вα∂ ѕαηтα, ѕтαя ωαяѕ, αη∂ мαηу мσяє мσνιєѕ. ➡➡ ¢нє¢к συт му ιg тσ ωαт¢н ησω.

  • irina_9920

    4 days ago

    Please, Look my video! #basketball

  • jasonatsu

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  • will_is_boss900

    4 days ago

    Come and play some b ball barack

  • angelashelbylamar

    4 days ago

    Great and intelligent man, My President!❤️✌🏾🏀👊🏾👊🏾

  • rkmishra49

    4 days ago

    Very nice.

  • terkblocc

    2 days ago

    Obama is a 🐐

  • momoabdelly

    2 days ago

    Happy birthday dwade❤❤

  • ice_bear_x

    2 days ago

    Happy birthday dwade .i am your fan i always support you .THREE.

  • thedivision2016

    2 days ago

    i now saw this sorry, but thats the right call, the birthday boy doesn't always show up, but when he does, even his defends looks to see what play he's about to make, lol

  • sweetness_te_

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  • alan00711

    2 days ago

    @dwyanewade thankful for the mess in Chicago? What are you thanking him for? You of all people!

  • adam_b9000

    2 days ago

    Ha get it pres from 2k looool

  • ahusien22

    2 days ago

    No he didn't you liar I fucking checked @nbaontop

  • laura_milestone

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  • thewastedyouth305

    1 day ago

    No to the #NewWorldOrder #obomber

  • lebronfreak15

    about 24 hours ago

    I will miss him