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    Happy and grateful to receive support from @magnumfoundation #Repost @magnumfoundation with @repostapp ・・・ We're so excited to announce the 2017 grantees of the Magnum Foundation Fund, a program to expand creativity and diversity in #documentaryphotography. In collaboration with @princeclausfund, the Magnum Foundation Fund provides production grants, project development support, and mentorship to both emerging and experienced practitioners. CONGRATULATIONS to @bastashevski, @xmd101, @carlogabuco, @foreignerdigital, Eduardo Hirose, Nneka Iwunna, Mimi Cherono Ng'ok, @musukn, @alessandra_sanguinetti, and @faiham1085! Photograph by Nneka Iwunna from her series “The Vendor,” honing in on the engrossed faces of daily readers at newspaper stands across cities in #Nigeria.
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    Happy to have been featured on @instagram and Instagram stories. #Repost @instagram with @repostapp ・・・ Marko Drobnjakovic (@xmd101) has his #EyesOn a brutal winter and a tide of refugees making their way into his native city of Belgrade, Serbia. For the 37-year-old photojournalist, this is another chapter in a journey he has traced from places like war-torn Iraq, the shores of Greece and across the Balkans. “They risked their lives, crossing the water in unseaworthy dinghies,” Marko says of the refugees he has met over the years. “They spent their life-savings to get from one border to the next, and they were often forced to put their destinies in the hands of ruthless human traffickers. They hid in cornfields to avoid police patrols, while carrying their children in their arms.” For Marko, the fallout from fractured states rings familiar: “The breakup of Yugoslavia, once my homeland — the mythical country that could have been but never was — has shaped my life. Back then, I was neither child nor man, but I was reduced to the role of a bystander, helpless to stop it or change it.” Watch our Instagram story to see more of Marko’s work. Photo by @xmd101
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    A shower system, #belgrade #migrants #refugees
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    Adding color to misery, #belgrade #migrants #refugees