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    We 💙 this! From one changemaker to another. Our ambassadors @priyankachopra and @muzoonrakan celebrating people working around the 🌎 to achieve the #GlobalGoals. Check out our story to find out which goal is close to their hearts. #UNGA  #Goalkeepers17 📷: © UNICEF / @mau.lens
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    Family. Friends. Hope. Refugee and migrant children lose much more than the roof over their heads - and without education, they risk losing their futures. Double tap to stand with #ChildrenUprooted. © UNICEF/UN077009/Albertalli #AChildIsAChild #UNGA
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    "I don't know how to read or write. I only know how to draw the sky, the sea & the sun." Fares, 6, from Syria. #AChildIsAChild no matter what. Double tap to call on world leaders gathered at #UNGA right now to protect refugee & migrant children. © #UNICEF/UN052418/Halldorsson
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    Educate a child. Change the world 🌎#foreverychild, education. Thanks for the photo UNICEF #Mozambique. #unga #ChildIsAChild
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    Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Stand with #ChildrenUprooted by war, violence & poverty. Double tap if you believe #AChildIsAChild. #UNGA © #UNICEF/UN062481/Tremeau
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    Books not bombs. Our Goodwill Ambassador @muzoonalmellehan's message to 🌎 leaders at #UNGA. For the full story, check out our Instagram Story. #AChildIsAChild © #UNICEF/UN0121906/Pietrasik
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    Hope. It’s this little girl’s first day back at school after more than a year of fighting in Kasai, Democratic Republic of Congo. Over 27 million children across the world are blocked from education because of conflict. We’re on the ground, providing school materials, training for teachers and setting up child friendly spaces where children can just be children again. Double tap if you believe #AChildIsAChild. 📷 © UNICEF/UN0120268/Rose @unicefrdcongo
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    💙💙 These little ones play at a refugee and migrant transit centre in the former Yugoslav Republic of #Macedonia, where a UNICEF-supported child-friendly is giving children a chance to have fun and just be children again. #AChildIsAChild, no matter what. Double tap to stand with #ChildrenUprooted by war, violence and poverty. © UNICEF/UN034272/Torgovnik / Verbatim Photo Agency
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    When we met almost two years ago in #Serbia, I’d asked Sajad what he dreamt of doing when he grew up. "I don’t have any hope, I was born without hope.” He snapped back. The question had upset him, and while we laugh about it today, I still regret it. In a few months, #Vienna had begun to influence his outlook. He saw other people in wheelchairs, moving about alone, and capable of things he didn’t know were possible. "It’s still hard to dream, I don’t know what I can be yet…” he said one day, “when I do have a dream though, I’ll tell you on Facebook.” I never got that Facebook message - instead I saw him last week in person. After an eleven month initial waiting period he had been accepted into a school where he has spent the last year among other special needs children. He learns German, reading and writing, mathematics, even archery. Most importantly though, Sajad has learnt to dream. He wants to become a chef – pizza is one of his favourite meals. He is desperate to travel, and after falling in love with Japanese culture through Anime cartoons, Tokyo will be his first destination. But these are just two of many dreams he has. "There are so many options in front of me now, it’s not like before.” Sajad says. "I want to be with the Austrian people. I want to have a life like others.” (4/4 of @ashgilbertson’s #InstagramTakeover) © #UNICEF/UN0121692/Gilbertson VII Photo
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    “I can’t forget the first time I went to school in #Iraq,” Sajad told me. “The principle came out and shouted, ‘Who is this? Why is he here? This is not a school for wheelchairs.’ And that was my last day in a normal school. Here it is different, I am accepted.” One day, his mother, Mona, watched her sons, Sajad and his brother Zein relax on the banks of the Danube river-it reminds them of Basra and the Shatt al-Arab river there. “I brought Sajad here so he could imagine a future.” Mona said, “Seeing him like this helps me forget about all the difficulties in the past.” Sajad it and his family are yet to receive their initial interview that will decide their fate as asylum seekers, and only after they receive a positive answer can they move out of the temporary shelter they are living in. Some days are difficult on the family, tempers can run short, and the lack of privacy adds to their frustrations. Other days however, are magical. (3/4 of @ashgilbertson’s #InstagramTakeover) © #UNICEF/UN0121691/Gilbertson VII Photo
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    It’s been six months since Sajad arrived in #Austria and the family are changing. Their health has clearly improved. They’re no longer gaunt and exhausted, and colour has returned to their faces. But the real changes are apparent when they leave the shelter - they’re no longer the wide eyed, overwhelmed #refugees I’d first met. They move through #Vienna with ease and confidence. One day, Sajad invited me to a party - a benefit concert at a football stadium. Sitting among crowds of Viennese drinking beers listening to a band, I watched Sajad, a boy who used to exclusively eat Iraqi rice dishes, munching on a cheese crepe and bopping his head to music. Houda, his sister, who was brought up drinking Arabic tea, sipped a cappuccino with a love heart design in the foam. Before my eyes, the family was transitioning from an Iraqi family to an Iraqi-European one, and with each passing day, they became more comfortable and contented. “When I see Sajad smile, I’m happy,” Houda told me, “we’re very close, and I can feel how he feels. It’s like our souls are connected. When he is happy, it means everything in the world to me.” (2/4 of @ashgilbertson’s #InstagramTakeover) © #UNICEF/UN021727/Gilbertson VII Photo
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    Hi, I’m @ashgilbertson, a photographer who is fortunate to work with #UNICEF on an issue I care deeply about - refugees and migration. We’ve been following Sajad’s progress since 2015, when I vividly remember meeting him and his family almost during the height of the refugee crisis. He was 15-years-old, from Basra, #Iraq, and was waiting in the freezing cold at a train station in southern #Serbia en route to Slovenia. He’d had an especially horrific journey because he’s paralysed from the waist down – he had been forced to lie on the bottom of a rubber boat and crushed by people as it sunk off the coast of Greece; used as a luggage cart by other refugees on long journeys by train and bus; and pushed himself up and down hills of deep mud on informal border crossings in Eastern Europe. Back then, there was no time to stop and research destinations. The goal was simple: keep moving forward until you find safety and opportunity. But still, I asked, where? “We want to go to Austria.” Sajad’s sister, Houda said. Sajad looked over, confused, “I thought we were going to Finland?” (1/4 of Ash Gilbertson's #InstagramTakeover) © UNICEF/UN010977/Gilbertson