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"A teenage boy, with passion of art & dream to inspire people lost in the world of creativity & art" 🎨

  • about 18 hours ago
    "Be nice to everyone, maybe you don't know but someone is going thru!" The real goal of life maybe is all about gettin' success but the real thing is taking care of your mental health! Every other person you're talking to is going through something you can't even image that's been killing their mental spirit! My goal of life is to be as much positive as I can so I can take care of not only my mental condition but try to cure others too!.. The point is, if we'll dig into others life we'll surely find some distractions & disasters that is not letting them the peace they deserves. The more you're good with others, more you'll find visions of sparkling gladness even in the deepest & darkest nights! Live & let live! Peace! Xo Photoexposure: @jguzmannn #MentalHealth #SeekingPeace #GloryOfLife
  • 6 days ago
    Another matrix! Looking & thinking about all the ups & downs in life, it is like reading the real secret & darker part of yourself! Besides everything the best part is I'm learning & growing ! I believe the real meaning of life is all about failing & falling on your mistakes, & standing up on your progresses, & upgrades! This all is making me feel like I'm trapped in motions of my spontaneous & fake dreams & I'm levitating infinitively into movement of freedom! #Levitation #Matrix #WHPmoveit
  • 10 days ago
    "The best thing about getting hurt is, realising your true worth!" Queen Dua Lipa(@dualipa)! Oh dear Lady you're killin' it! Such a jaw dropping & wonderful Brit nominee! Magnificent! She's breaking the nomination record! A true inspiration & a true icon. Such a beauty with brain! This one's goes out to the wonderful & talented women out their going to be recognised one day. Just here to tell you that you've a spirit that'll never end! Just keep yourself up! ♥️Xo #DuaLipa
  • 18 days ago
    "One day I'll wake up, & open the news to check what's up?.. & surely end up in mode of gladness realising nothing dilemma is happening in this beautiful world. Peace!" In bloody tears watching the news these days about a little girl getting raped & killed, a handsomely charming Nakeeb Ullah killed by a policeman for doing absolutely nothing, an inspirational Asma getting shot for speaking for her right & more. Where are our angels? Where are the heroes that lie in our hearts, the spirits & souls that pull us towards the aches n' dust of kindness & hospitality. Are they asleep? No they aren't!! It's us not waking them up, we're making them fragile! Not keeping them alive!... Let's raise our voice for the justice of these innocent & broken souls those are plucked from this world wildly & inhumanly. They are now grown in Garden of Eden politely, a better & good place from this hell named "World"! May Lord mercy upon all of us! Peace! Xo #PrayForWorld #Justice #PrayForPeace
  • 22 days ago
    "Introducing Cardi B!!..." I believe Women together can bond, & fight to change the world! Preach! So my recent one goes out for the lit rapper Queen (@iamcardib)! Finesse!... Digging into the Rap history, n' realising that Cardi is one of the only female artist to have a no.1 hit!! Bam... she's a slay! Isn't it delicate to think that this woman is getting into hearts of many since the beginning! I support strong, bold, & talented black woman, & proudly introducing this woman of colour! The thing that lies common between both me & Cardi is that we both know the real pop music & artistry by Queens Madonna & Lady Gaga! I wish you best of luck Cardi! Praise Lord! This pointillism artwork took me almost fourteen days to complete! I honestly hope Cardi B will notice it, if she'll it will be the best! Xo #CardiB #WomansWorld #RapQueen
  • 27 days ago
    "Without a lot of words to say, nothing that can make any more of it than it already is. Thank you God for making me contemporary" -RF(@rogerfederer) A big Congrats to the real hero & legend on 20th grand slam! With tears in his eyes he raised the trophy! Damn.. it was the moment we live for! Thank you Roger, your jaw dropping talent, your class & your desire to win again n' again proves that you're the circuit of inspiration to our young spirits, & at the end age is just a number that doesn't matter! Magnificent.. Thank you for being such a real King! X #RogerFederer #RF20 #AustralianOpen #GOAT
  • about 1 month ago
    "Life without freedom is like a room without windows" Nature is Queen of my heart, I choose the most free & productive part of home near a window to set my drawing board so I can feel the freedom while creating my inner expressions. Wild horses run in my heart when I look outside the window watching birds flying, butterflies swimming in the air & trees waving me like I'm passing through paradise of my imaginations! These blessings are one of the reasons I'm healing my mental health & learning more day by day. I can feel angels passing though my room & curing my soul every time when I'm broken spiritually & depressed intentionally. Tragic! Thank you God for all these unexplainable heavenly feelings. This all take me out of all the fuss & negativity going in this world looking out of my window staring at outrageous beauty of nature, & I always pray for a peaceful world we're all working for. Side note: The double exposure of window is taken from an outclass photographer Jake Guzman (@jguzmannn) I'm just so inspired from all the beautiful content he post. I give him all the credit & copyright he deserves. Preach! x #Windows #BeautyOfNature #Blessings
  • about 1 month ago
    "Even an alone dead tree needs a bird to fulfil the loneliness" Just came to know about all the miracles & blessings I've, one of them include my brothers from another mother (@tahir_twins)! It's the day you guys stepped to slay this world & are still slaying for real! The true gladness of having you guys in my life is the part when you're supporting, struggling & walking with me on the same path of life I've chosen & I'm glad that I'm not feeling like an alien at this stage! The best thing I can teach you is to believe in the hero that is living in your heart, & that hero is the only part of the reason I trust & relate with your dreams & scars! Just came here to whisper a wish on ears of you guys on your hatching day! Always remember a good day begins with good heart! Give birth to a beautiful heart, beautiful life will know your door! Peace! 🖤x
  • about 1 month ago
    I believe my silhouette looks like Shawn Mendes! 🔥 #Twining
  • about 1 month ago
    "We see humans, but no humanity." Feeling devastated watching the news of a seven year old girl 'Zainab' getting mistreated & end up getting collapsed in this world, like how can someone in this universe is heartless or soulless to end a life of an 7 year old angel?... I'm feeling like an alien speaking again about all the fuss happening in this world! There's an angel in our hearts, souls & minds that can change this world with only two main ingredients starting with 'H' called Hospitality & Humanity! The angel in my mind question me everyday that why we're silent in all the cruelty of this world?... May Lord curse upon those who don't have a heart to think about life of someone! We want justice for this angel! Peace! 🙏x #JusticeForZainab #Humanity #RIPZainab
  • about 2 months ago
    Havana oh na na!... Blessed to share ending of another loveable chapter of life. So I was unavailable last week, that was all because I was receiving a huge amount of love from Sadiqians! I was off to Sadiq MUN IV (@sadiq_muniv). Thank you to all the beautiful people who helped me becoming part of it & let me discuss all the issues going in this world! Special thanks to the talented n' smart chair for guiding us at everything n' giving me "Special Mention" (I was shock the whole time). Thanks to my new wonderful friends, & the hardworking stuff who recognised me to meet the singers, & supported me on my talent! This all is giving me million reasons to stay! Congratulations to Sadiq Public School for this successful event! x Side note: This photo was taken on zero day of MUN. The topic of my committee was "Labour Rights". I thought it would be great to represent it with a symbol of Whales! Cux' you know!.. Hope Y'll will have a lovely week. Cheers!!.. 🐳 #SadiqMUN #SOCHUM
  • about 2 months ago
    Every beginning gives us new opportunities, new starts & new blessings! You're lucky if you're alive to have a new chance in your life! Levitating into two thousand and eighteen like! Happy New Year to all the beautiful souls out their! I wish this wonderful year will change lives of so many of you & all the people struggling to get a wonderful life like yours! Hopefully this year will bring peace to this world! We humans will conquer what we're really made for which is harmony among us, corporation, hospitality & most importantly humanity! Let's promise each other that we'll bring peace in this world from today for better tomorrow! If a single person form you guys will get my message of positivity & love, & will be able to help a single person. My life would be complete! May God shower His blessings upon all of you! X #NewYear #Peace #BetterWorld