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  • 5 days ago
    Feeling loved to see these new angels! Congratulations to Queen Bee (@Beyonce) & Jay Z for Beybies! Sir Carter & Rumi! Sending much love & kind wishes!🐝 #Beyonce
  • 10 days ago
    Ta Da! πŸ–€ Here's the finished piece of Noor Mahal (Fort)! This is one of my most struggled piece! Can't explain how much I'm obsessed with this architecture, reason I made this portrait, this took me like weeks, but I'm glad what's this actually turned out! We took this drawing to Noor Mahal (Fort) to snap this photo at morning, I edited the sky, but the photo still look so dope! (My best) Have a great time Y'll, may God bless you! X #NoorMahal #architecture
  • 12 days ago
    "You merely adopted dark, I was born in it" πŸ–€ #JawlineGame
  • 14 days ago
    Noor Mahal! ✍🏻 The beauty of Bahawalpur, Pakistan! Inking this. It's going to be the structure of fort! A little sneak a peek of an upcoming project! Have a great weekend Y'll! God bless everyone! πŸ–€x #NoorMahal
  • 17 days ago
    Perks of being an artist, you can spent time making your own drawing' ✍️ My heart is flattering right now while posting this, just can't thank you all for all your support on my last post, Y'll healed my soul, & inner depression with all your kind & curing words! I'm speechless, & feeling like a strong person reading those words' may God bless you all! Just here to say one thing that we all go through some tough stages of life, & instead of keeping them to ourselves we should share them with others, maybe it'll heal or help us or someone else! God bless πŸ–€x #Peace #Blessed
  • 19 days ago
    Dear Mom & Dad! I know I'm not like other kids! I know I'm not like my brother, I'm a failure, I'm not good in studies as my sister! I'm sorry I don't smile a lot the way you want me to, I'm sorry I feel depressed, anxious, & stressed sometimes, I'm sorry I disobey you! I feel guilty that I embarrass you, I feel helpless most of the time, I spent most of my time alone! I don't go out a lot! I don't talk to other kids! I don't have friends, I'm sorry that I'm not a successful child at this moment, I'm sorry for everything I do, but I respect & love you, & I want you to be happy! Dear teacher! I know I'm not a really great student! I know I don't get good grades! I'm sorry I'm a loser, I don't study like other kids, everyone hates me in class, call me "cunt","irrelevant","Gay" or "useless" in class, I know I don't know the answers of these questions! But I respect you, I never disobey you, & I'm nothing without you! Dear friends! I know I don't have many friends! I feel so alone most of the time. People use me & throw me away! Most of you are fake! You don't care about me, or anything related to my life! I'm sorry I've a different nature, I'm sorry I've different music taste! Most of you disrespect me, & I still respect you! I know I'm a failure! I'm sorry I expect good things from you! I'm sorry I ask for help, time, & positivity! I'm sorry for everything that I've ever did, I'm sorry if any of my actions offended you! Or if you're mad at me! But I wish you good life! Dear God! I'm sorry that I complain, I'm sorry that I've negative & suicidal thoughts everyday! I'm sorry that I disobey you, I ask for things that aren't made for me, I'm negative, I lie everyday, I curse, I'm a sinner! I'm sorry for everything! You give me opportunities & I reject them! I'm a loser, I'm not strong, I pray for forgiveness! I bow down to pray & ask you to show me the right way! I'm sorry for everything! I'm nothing just a loser without your blessings! P.s: I'm in tears writing this, everything I said just came from deep of my heart, its real & I'm going through a lot of issues! But I'm trying to built a powerful character in me! I took this photo exact 2 years ago! πŸ–€
  • 21 days ago
    Person who's an art itself! Cara (@caradelevingne) πŸ–€ I know there are flaws in this drawing, & somewhere I messed it up! But I'm feeling so happy that it still looks like Cara, & besides this all my artwork can't out stand the fact how "TALENTED" Cara really is! The way she inspires me, & gives me message to move on every stage, no matter how hard it is! I wish you the same lady! You've that class & everything! Just here to say that I support you! Wish you best of luck! πŸ–€ Hope you guys will
  • 25 days ago
    Hey birdies! Don't know from where to start for the amazingly talented & lovely @ArianaGrande! Staning Ariana since "Victorious" days! Years have passed numbers of ups &a downs! Happy Birthday lovely Princess Ariana Grande! Love you bird girl! I really love your music, & staned you through album by album! Yours Truly, My Everything, & Dangerous Woman! Keep inspiring & keep your high ponytail always high! Love you girl' thank you for everything! Besides this all Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers & sisters, may you all will enjoy this time the fullest! πŸ–€ #ArianaGrande
  • 28 days ago
    I don't take selfies, because when I do they turn so Scheiße, & that makes me so sad! 😞 #nationalselfieday
  • 29 days ago
    Happy Birthday Queen of Roses 🌺 Lana Del Rey! (@LanaDelRey) Thank you for being so beautiful & graceful! Thank you for your wonderful vintage styled music! All these years you taught us a lot, & you're still teaching! Hope you'll live "Lust For Life"! Love your music & everything you do! God bless! X #LanaDelRey
  • about 1 month ago
    Happy Fathers Day Y'll! πŸ–€ So the drawing I made for the occasion of Father's Day describes million of words just by thousands of dots by my hand! This is one of the most meaningful drawing I've ever done in my life! The drawing is of a photo of Syrian kid, who is holding the hand of his father for the last time! The photographer who took this photograph was so depressed after visiting the kid's home & realising that the innocent kid's father passed away after the useless war, that makes no sense! It's a slap to this entire world! Besides this all I hope you all will love your handsome fathers & enjoy this lovely day. God bless! X #HappyFathersDay
  • about 1 month ago
    Hey chicken nuggets! Here's something for the amazing Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) He's an inspiration to me since 2014! His music is so meaningful in so many senses! I hope one day he'll notice my pointillism portrait, & one day I'll meet him! Update: I'm really really sorry that posted this drawing yesterday & I accidentally deleted it, while replying a comment! I'm sorry that you guys have to see this again in your feeds & have to like it again! I apologise! God bless everyone! X #Shawnmemdes