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  • about 9 hours ago
    Happy Birthday Queen of Roses 🌺 Lana Del Rey! (@LanaDelRey) Thank you for being so beautiful & graceful! Thank you for your wonderful vintage styled music! All these years you taught us a lot, & you're still teaching! Hope you'll live "Lust For Life"! Love your music & everything you do! God bless! X #LanaDelRey
  • 4 days ago
    Happy Fathers Day Y'll! πŸ–€ So the drawing I made for the occasion of Father's Day describes million of words just by thousands of dots by my hand! This is one of the most meaningful drawing I've ever done in my life! The drawing is of a photo of Syrian kid, who is holding the hand of his father for the last time! The photographer who took this photograph was so depressed after visiting the kid's home & realising that the innocent kid's father passed away after the useless war, that makes no sense! It's a slap to this entire world! Besides this all I hope you all will love your handsome fathers & enjoy this lovely day. God bless! X #HappyFathersDay
  • 8 days ago
    Hey chicken nuggets! Here's something for the amazing Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) He's an inspiration to me since 2014! His music is so meaningful in so many senses! I hope one day he'll notice my pointillism portrait, & one day I'll meet him! Update: I'm really really sorry that posted this drawing yesterday & I accidentally deleted it, while replying a comment! I'm sorry that you guys have to see this again in your feeds & have to like it again! I apologise! God bless everyone! X #Shawnmemdes
  • 11 days ago
    2U @justinbieber | The sky background is an edit of my small illustration, & I think this looks so dope! 🌈 #JustinBieber
  • 16 days ago
    So here it is for the most amazing @cristiano my favourite football player! Can't explain how much love this man, & @realmadrid is my favourite team! Previously I posted a drawing of him from last year & now posting a new one from this year! I hope you guys really like this one comparatively to the previous one! βš½οΈπŸ† One of my biggest dream is to meet him one day for real, & show him all of my artwork, with such love & respect! I'm sure he'll not get frustrated by that,as he's a man with a humble personality! Lol just kidding! Wish you guys a really great time of there! Just here to tell you that God is always with you, never lose hope & keep your heads up! God bless everyone! X #Ronaldo #Realmadrid #Pointillism
  • 18 days ago
    Hey angels! So today I made a quick pointillism of my friend Jordan (@jordantariff) I love his covers, just want you guys to take a little look at them if you guys have little time, I'm pretty sure you guys will love them! So I made this portrait as an appreciative artist! Besides this all, just want to tell you guys that keep working hard on your dreams & yourself! You'll never learn to get up unless you fall in your life! I'm at the stage of life where there are a lot of turning tables & up n' downs! But the truth is it's still not bothering me! Wish you all a really great time! God bless everyone! #pointillism
  • 23 days ago
    We've two cats! One is entirely white & other is entirely black, but the truth is I love both of them equally, more than anything! 🐱 #NationalCatHuggingDay
  • 26 days ago
    Ramadan Mubarak to all the Muslims out there! πŸ’•πŸŒ™ Freaky Love Xoxo! #Ramadan
  • about 1 month ago
    "We're gonna be alright"πŸ–€ Heart goes with @arianagrande x Manchester Areana & everything happened last night during her Dangerous Woman show! May Lord mercy & spread peace instead of war & hate! My heart just stopped after knowing about last night! Nobody in this world deserves to go to a show & ending up straight to death! God be with you Ariana! Love & support from deep down of my heart! P.s: I made this drawing just months ago, with an idea to wish her on her birthday with my creativity as an artist but sad to know about last night incident! Peace X #Dangerouswomanworldtour #Manchesterareana #ArianaGrande
  • about 1 month ago
    Say something! @austinmahone πŸ–€ I previously did this kinda drawing of him with pencils & now I tried with pointers! So here it is! As the summers have been started so what are you guys up to? Wish you all a really great time there! #AustinMahone
  • about 1 month ago
    Wish I could fly, All above the sky, To see the sun who smile, And all the clouds who cry! #Doodle #Wings 🐀
  • about 1 month ago
    "Mother is the only bulb of a family, that never turns off "πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ For me, it's Mother's Day everyday & I need a special day to show love to my lovely mother! We all can't thank our mothers for the love, care, happiness, sacrifices & everything they've gave us to light the bulb our lives with bright colours of her heart! Huge respect & love to all the beautiful mothers out there! :') #HappyMothersDay