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"A teenage boy, with passion of art & dream to inspire people lost in the world of creativity & art" 🎨

  • 3 days ago
    Hey beautiful people out there! So these were the illustrations that actually made my way touch to the inks! Actually reason behind me as a pointillism artist! 🌿 I've been working with pointers from like a really long time, but these were the first successful attempt in 2015 I guess! I can't get enough watching them! So happy & satisfied where I'm, & I wish you all a really great & happy life. Learn to be proud, happy & satisfy where you're today, because there are number of people wishing to be you! Happy weekend! X P.s: I'm so I obsessed with butterflies! #Pointillism #illustration #illustrator
  • 6 days ago
    Bam pointillism! So here it is Justin (@justinbieber)! The moment of hard work, when you spent your entire night making this drawing! βœ’ My inks are getting low, but for sure I'll keep working with them! Honestly I hope Justin will notice my drawing one day, maybe after his world tour!? But hope one day he'll! P.s: the butterfly in the photo is real & she's alive! She's 1/half week old & her name is Bennet! #JustinBieber #Purpose
  • 10 days ago
    Black Barbie! Can you guess her? #Navy #Anti #Pointillism βœ’
  • 13 days ago
    Hey angels! So today I'm going to share something for one of the most amazing personality that I idolise, & get inspired! The amazing Roger Federer (@RogerFederer) 🎾 One of my biggest dreams of life is to meet him one day, have a dinner with him & his family, & at the end of the dinner I'll hand him my drawing that i just made from my heart! But its sad some dreams only exist in our imaginary world! Behind this all I'm honestly so sad that I broke my phone, it fell off from my study table & bam.. its broke, so maybe there'll be shortage of artwork posts! But I Promise I'll keep posting! Wish you all good luck for your Lives! X #RogerFederer
  • 14 days ago
    Batman x Joker! So here's a little doodle work I've done in minutes! I love Batman, let's be real; we all grew up reading comics & watching them as superheroes! This page was basically part of my old childhood sketchbook that I just saved for my entire life! I Wish you all a really great week! Keep your heads high, God be with you all! X #Batman #Joker πŸƒ
  • 17 days ago
    Hey wonderful people! βœ’ My heart is flattering while posting this! Like honestly I can't thank you all for all of your love & respect through those kind & lovely words I get everyday! It makes me feel so happy & strong as art is the only way I'm carrying on my dreams, & I wish you all a really best of luck for your lives & dreams! Happy Friday y'll! Peace & freaky love! X #TGIF
  • 20 days ago
    Hey guys!⚽ So here it is for one of the young talent from Real Madrid (@realmadrid) one of the most talented, & one of my favourite player Marco Asensio (@marcoasensio10)! This man literally inspires me a lot! Behind this all I'm not a football player, but I'm a football lover! This is one of my random pointillism portrait, I did previously! I deeply wish you all a really best of luck for your dreams & your lives from my heart! I really hope you all are doing great, or if not, than it's okay as things aren't straight all the time, because at the end after every hurricane there's a sweet shiny rainbow! Love βœ’ x #marcoasensio #realmadrid #football
  • 24 days ago
    Never Give Up! βœ’ @siathisisacting it's been a long time since you've came around, & you've helped me about my toughest problems through your music & your strong empowering, or healing words! Thank you for everything Queen! It's so nice to see such talent still alive today in music! God bless everyone! Peace x #Sia
  • 27 days ago
    Ta Da! βœ’ inking is finally done, @selenagomez wearing Coach for Vogue! I honestly hope Slaylena will see my drawing one day! The Queen of Instagram! #selenagomez #selenator
  • about 1 month ago
    WIP @selenagomez for @voguemagazine with @coach! I honestly started this month ago & still didn't completed this pointillism work because of shortage of time! There are so many dots! Wish me good luck! Have a great weekend all! X #selenagomez #vogue
  • about 1 month ago
    So today! Its a really special day of a woman who helped me a lot colouring the painting of my life! Happy Birthday Queen @ladygaga! Thank you for being such a Queen! Thank you for making great empowering music like "Born this way" & keep making me stand for my dreams! You're Queen of music, Queen of style, Queen of fashion, Queen of Art, Queen of sexiness, Queen of my & millions of heart! Wish you a really great day with all the love & happiness! Have fun with your man! Love– Tariq!βœ’βœ‰ P.s: I made this drawing using gel pens, shiny maker, pointers, & a little bit pencils! #happybirthdayladygaga #Queen
  • about 1 month ago
    She Bad! @camerondallas πŸ”₯ Pointillism portrait of Cam I recently did last month during my stay at hospital, I was sick af! Now feeling sad that I can't draw for almost two months because of school & exams, & soon my college is going to start & before going to college I'll surely watch "Outfield". I still remember before highschool I watched "Expelled" & all the rumours gone the same way it gone in the movie! Behind this all I wish all of you a really happy & peaceful weekend! Wishes & love! Xx #CameronDallas