We invest in childhood – every day, in times of crisis and for our future. In the United States and around the world.

  • about 20 hours ago
    Sierra Leone has been devastated by deadly mudslides and flooding—children are likely to be among the hundreds of casualties. Please donate at the link in bio to help us provide much needed emergency aid to the children and families affected.
  • about 23 hours ago
    The best way to ensure all children have a fair chance at a brighter future is to give each child the opportunity to learn and grow early on. Our Early Steps to School Success program lays a critical foundation of language and literacy skills for children from birth to age 5, so they can enter school ready to succeed. Learn more, link in the bio.
  • 1 day ago
    Alejandra*, not quite 2, benefits from our Healing and Education through the Arts (HEART) activities at preschool. Help kids like Alejandra* find ways to express their feelings and fears in a safe space by grabbing a #Hearts4Kids, link in the bio. *name changed for protection.
  • 3 days ago
    We're excited to announce our newest #ChildSponsorship country: Myanmar! Myanmar, also known as Burma, suffers from chronic poverty, with one-third of the population lives on less than 45 cents a day. We’re working to provide the essentials children need to thrive and live better lives. Sponsor a child in Myanmar today, link in the bio.
  • 3 days ago
    Our Literacy Boost program can make a world of difference for the kids who need it most. Our three-pronged approach to the program includes assessments, teacher training and community action to significantly improve a child’s core reading skills. We believe that more children will learn to read if they are well supported to do so in their classroom and beyond the school walls.
  • 4 days ago
    Baby Wilson and his mother were forced to flee South Sudan due to brutal conflict. An average 2,500 people cross from South Sudan into Uganda everyday Currently, there are over 780,000 South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, nearly 60% of them are children. We are providing children like Wilson protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence in Uganda and in other regions of the world. Learn more by clicking the link in the bio.
  • 5 days ago
    Christopher holds a bowl of coffee beans harvested from his family's farm. His mother enrolled in Save the Children's livelihoods program which teaches youth and their families about food security and farming sustainability. Learn more, link in the bio. #YouthDay
  • 5 days ago
    11-year-old Rahaf* and her family are among the 3.1 million displaced people in Iraq. Due to armed conflict, the family of 9 was forced to flee their home and have been living in a camp since August 2014. Children like Rahaf are being left behind because of who they are or where they live. Help us do whatever it takes to save #everylastchild, link in the bio. *Name changed for protection
  • 6 days ago
    10 year-old Oscar is excited and ready to go #backtoschool. Thanks to our global education programs like Literacy Boost, Oscar is developing comprehensive reading skills and learning to use cognitive thinking beyond the classroom. Help us provide kids with the opportunity to continue learning, link in the bio.
  • 6 days ago
    Save the Children and T.J.Maxx have worked together for over 30 years improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in the United States. Our early education and literacy programs can make a world of difference for the kids who need it most. You can support our U.S. programs and the children we serve by donating at register or purchasing a throw or reusable bag at @tjmaxx. Learn more at the link in bio.
  • 7 days ago
    A child's arm is measured in an outpatient clinic in Somalia. The red indicator shows that he is suffering from malnutrition. Life-threatening child malnutrition rates continue to rise at alarming levels in drought-affected Somalia. We’re trucking water to the most vulnerable communities, activating mobile health teams to assess and treat malnutrition, and providing vital hygiene, sanitation and medical support. You can help at the link in bio.
  • 7 days ago
    In developing countries across the world, many families are unable to afford books for preschoolers and parents often lack the tools and knowledge to help their children to learn. Alphonsine, mother to 4-year old Epaphrodite, takes part in our First Read community training project in Rwanda. These parenting sessions give parents tools and new ways of thinking about how to raise and parent preschoolers, helping to give their children the essential foundation for learning.