Adam Rapoport


Editor in chief of Bon Appétit

  • 5 days ago
    Will be broadcasting this week from @jackson.hole.wy, where the food is *almost* as good as the skiing.
  • 16 days ago
    The not-messing-around, honey-and-hot-sauce-glazed fried chicken sandwich at @josephleonardny. #SnowDay
  • 18 days ago
    Was wandering around Columbus Ave on the Upper West Side, starving, trying to find a place to park it to write my two-weeks-late editor's letter. And next thing I know, I'm like, Wait a minute--there's a @motorinopizza on the Upper West Side? Well, there is. And it's really good. And I'm pretty sure I finished my letter. I think. I hope.
  • 22 days ago
    When you meet @xtinem for a working breakfast, don't expect diner pancakes and limp bacon. Loved this dish at @lestudiony--crisp and golden housemade bread, jammy egg, chunky avocado and an addictive pepita hummus sort of situation, among other little bits and pieces. Worth the F Train to East B'way.
  • 24 days ago
    I've been making some form of this chimichurri ever since we published it in @bonappetitmag nearly six years ago. For this riff, I minced a shallot and let it macerate in about a quarter cup of rice wine vinegar with S&P. Then chopped up a handful of flat leaf parsley and a handful of cilantro. Minced half a seeded jalapeño. Tossed it all together with, like, a third cup of olive oil. Spooned it all over some pan-seared flatiron steaks. No leftovers.
  • about 1 month ago
    A good egg (or two). Vigorously beaten with a pinch of salt. Eight-inch well-seasoned steel skillet over medium high heat. Sizzling butter. Eggs pushed around with a rubber spatula till folds start to form, but not that skin, you know. Remove from pan while still plenty moist. A beat before you think. A minute total, max. Cracked pepper and Maldon.
  • about 1 month ago
    A moment of relative calm this weekend in DC, before our table at @maketto1351 got stormed by crispy chicken num pang (on a cottony-soft homemade roll), shrimp dumplings, Cambodian pork noodle soup, a Tiger Beer tall boy and maybe a glass or two of rosé (I mean, it was sunny and mid 60s). Real cool to see how much the food scene in DC, not to mention the entire city itself, has taken off since I grew up there back in the day. Got things started with a real tasty dinner of ember- and fire-roasted everything Saturday night at @thedabneydc (don't sleep on the fried sugar toads). Looking forward to getting back next month to hit up all the joints I missed this time around. #WilsonTigers87
  • about 1 month ago
    March issue of @bonappetitmag, featuring Shaheen and Amanda from @badsaintdc. On stands, like, right this minute. 📸 @daniellelevitt
  • about 2 months ago
    Currently embroiled in a fierce debate with @b_goutish about the exact right amount of time to soft boil an egg. Amiel is adamant that it's 6:30. I told him that he's crazy, that it's closer to 4:30. Well, these here are 6 mins. So, I was clearly wrong about four and a half minutes. But then there's the whole deal about whether or not you plunge em in ice water so they cool down a smidge and are more easy to peel. Hmm...
  • about 2 months ago
    Man, all sorts of dessert action going on in the @bonappetitmag test kitchen this week, including ooey-gooey butter cake, super-moist coconut bread, old-school angel food cake with macerated berries, chocolate-buttercream cupcakes and this--saffron-pistachio brittle, which is @andybaraghani's riff on sohan, the traditional Persian sweet. Look for the recipe in Andy's Persian New Year story in the upcoming March issue of Bon Appétit.
  • about 2 months ago
    So get this, @csaffitz baked these awesome yellow-cake cupcakes with chocolate buttercream for her sister's birthday today. And the plan was to walk them across the street to where her sister's office happens to be, but turns out her sister is "working from home". Hmm. SMH.
  • about 2 months ago
    So this just got a bit more timely. My editor's letter from the upcoming March issue of @bonappetitmag. That's my dad as a toddler, with my grandfather, back in Flushing, Queens in the 1930s. My grandfather, David Rapoport, basically went AWOL from the Belarus army because, well, things weren't so hospitable to the Jews over there back then, and he arrived at Ellis Island in 1923. He stayed with relatives in Brooklyn, worked his way through night school, became a lawyer, got married and had a couple of kids and moved to Queens. Flushing is a much different place now than it was back then. But I know that my dad, who was always food obsessed, would love the fact that his old neighborhood is now home to some of the most interesting and diverse food not just in New York City but in the country. And, no, I couldn't *not* use Coming to America as the title. #whatisthatvelvet #goldenarcs #soulglo