Rachel Kristensen


Travel writer, adventure taker & tour leader CURRENTLY: South Africa NEXT: Mauritius, Cuba, South Pacific Islands [email protected]

  • about 8 hours ago
    My real job is as a tour leader for groups travelling the world. The majority of my clients are retired and many are not so active. I can't describe the amount of joy I get by convincing them to take 'just a short hike' multiple times over, to prove that just because your retired, doesn't mean your not able to get outside and appreciate mother nature. Age is just a number and you truly are only as old as you feel / act. Checked into the hotel and darted for the nearest trail I could find. Pretty happy about where I ended up.
  • 1 day ago
    Even if you've been a thousand times, there is always something new to discover. Borrowed a bike from the hotel, peddled for hours in every direction, fell in love with almost everything.
  • 6 days ago
    We age not by years, but by stories. Happy birthday to my fella, with whom I share endless stories with already. Here's to another year of adventures to come.
  • 7 days ago
    Frollicking. Or trying not to get my feet soaked in the bog. Looks about the same.
  • 9 days ago
    In constant awe about how beautiful this world is.
  • 9 days ago
    Take me to where the wild things are.
  • 12 days ago
    It's a big world, how will you explore it?
  • 13 days ago
    Walls are definitely over-rated when it comes to interior design. Who really needs privacy when you have views like this. Spent a bit of time hanging out in Samoan 'fales', traditional open houses, eating coconut cream filled taro leaves bbq'd by hot rocks. Getting motivation to leave this place wasn't as easy as settling into the island mentality. @adventuresabroadtravel x @brathwaitwatches
  • 13 days ago
    I don't need those bright city lights, this skyline will do. #adventuresabroad || @adventuresabroadtravel
  • 14 days ago
    Bad light. Beautiful sight. I'm never on the hunt for the perfect photo, just looking for those memories that make the trips worth it. #adventuresabroad || @adventuresabroadtravel
  • 14 days ago
    Scenic road trips, Vanuatu style. #adventuresabroad || @adventuresabroadtravel
  • 15 days ago
    Still living on island time. #adventuresabroad || @adventuresabroadtravel