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🌱Vegan | Embracing Soybeans & Pipe Dreams 📍Brooklyn, NY

  • about 4 hours ago
    Something must have been really funny @ladybird_nyc sipping on some @kombrewcha at our little boochy Friendsgiving on Monday #THENEWBREW ❤️ Beyond thankful for so many new friends I’ve made this year through creating Lady Lentils ❤️ I really feel so lucky to know each and everyone of you.
  • about 13 hours ago
    #thankful for friends, family, pets, you guys and pies. That about covers it 😝 happy feasting my hungry friends 😁🥧
  • 1 day ago
    Just a girl with her nuts 🥜 chillin in paradise 😎 @powerupsnacks easily have become my go-to snack! Started as an #ad but turned into true #love ❤️ with their fresh mixes that help you stay energized through the day, they are absolutely now a staple when I travel, commute or just hang around. Getttt’em 👌🏻🤩
  • 2 days ago
    Quickie breakfast this morning but had to share my #toasttuesday 🔥 fried plantains in coconut oil and topped them on top of toast + @coyo_is_coconuts coconut yogurt, then topped it with peanut butter, raspberries & blueberries 😍 sporting my @jordwatches watch while I munch cause it’s dope as hell. Want that $25 hookup off a @jordwatches ? Just go to the link in my profile babes! ✌🏼😎
  • 3 days ago
    So, still not exactly sure how to pronounce it...but, damn, the @lacroixwater photo booth crushed it @foundermade 🔥Thank you so much for having me! I met so many inspiring brands, hung with these babes and fan girled HARD over @sarahmgellar ✌🏼😛
  • 3 days ago
    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, gang! I went to @urbanvegankitchen, which is one of my favorite vegan spots in NYC! Hook yourself up with a UVK's prix fixe menu for $65 for thanksgiving -- ALL developed by @bigapplevegan! She’s a star, a role model and a total badass vegan babe. The Mac & Cheese & BLT were by far my fave. Have a kind and delicious thanksgiving with their fantastic menu!
  • 7 days ago
    To all the boys who’ve hurt my feelings... kiss my 🍑 cause I’m kinda killing it these days xoxo 💋💪🏼. . . In other news, follow along in my stories today, I’m heading to the @foundermade Consumer Discovery Show Today to hear badass wellness entrepreneurs share their stories and hopefully meet some inspiring peeps along the way ❤️
  • 7 days ago
    I could easily forget to miss my plane and continue drooling over the vegan pear flat bread from @glam.vegan with the most fabulous pesto I’ve ever had 🤩🤩🤩 but I’ve got @jordwatches telling me it’s time to get over to the airport and head back to NYC! With Black Friday right around the corner, sign yourself up to get 25% off this dope wooden watch with the link in my profile #ad 🕰⏰⏱
  • 8 days ago
    One day I’ll post the incredibly awkward bloopers that came from me taking this shot ... 📸🌸✨
  • 8 days ago
    Yesterday, we needed a little refreshing pick me up and popped over to @dellabowls where they had these amazing little @notanotherorganicbrand popsicles filled with only the good stuff! It tasted like pure sunshine ☀️
  • 9 days ago
    My waiter just put down avocado toast...the joy on my face is apparent 🥑😋🌊
  • 9 days ago
    Yesterday’s heavenly toast @dirteatclean was pure bliss. This entire restaurant has stolen my heart, but the Tuscan white bean hummus topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pea tendrils got me likewe 🔥🤤💫🌈💃🏻 Yesterday’s spa days got me in the vaykay mood and can’t wait to lay out and soak in this sunshine ☀️