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  • about 14 hours ago
    'Nothing is impossible. I was convinced that a muscular body was a privilege, reserved only for a few. After 18 weeks of training with Freeletics Gym, I now know that I was wrong.' Discover in our blog how together with his identical twin and the Freeletics Gym Coach, Julian gained 7 kg of muscle mass and a whole new life. Link in our bio. #TransformationTuesday #BestVersion2017 #CommitmentIsEverything #Freeletics
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    Keep your composure. Hold your focus. Activate your core. But whatever you do, don’t drop. Link in our bio. #MotivationalMonday #PlankMakesPerfect #BestVersion2017 #CommitmentIsEverything #Freeletics
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    Winter is an opportunity. Not an excuse. Winter will test your determination. Dedication. Consistency. If the weather makes you doubt yourself, picture it as another person telling you that you can’t succeed. Like everyone else, prove it wrong. Link in our bio. #NoExcuses #Freeletics#FreeAthlete
  • 5 days ago
    Nothing speeds your PB like the right warm up. Ligaments and tendons become more elastic, the nervous system is activated and interaction between your muscle apparatus is smoother and more effective. It's a good thing we know correct warm up for you. Link in our bio. #BestVersion2017 #CommitmentIsEverything #Freeletics
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    A Free Athlete's definition of #LunchGoals. This sweet and spicy carrot salad is simple yet satisfying. Packed full of taste and nutrients, it will leave you fueled and feeling good. Give it a try @freeletics_nutrition. #FreeleticsNutrition #YourTrueState #RespectYourBody
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    Time is not the only way to measure progress. With intervals, it’s not all about beating the clock. Instead the focus is on technique and strength. Link in our bio. #Freeletics4.0 #BestVersion2017 #CommitmentIsEverything #Freeletics
  • 8 days ago
    Nothing says 'we’re in this together' like tackling your biggest fear as a team. By becoming training partners, Dani and Roy took their relationship to the next level. They encouraged one another to stop smoking, stay committed and give it their all. Link in our bio. #TransformationTuesday #BestVersion2017 #CommitmentIsEverything #Freeletics
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    The science behind the Coach proves what can be done. The instinct of your Coach proves you can always do more. Start training with a Coach who learns from millions and adapts to you. Link in bio. #MotivationMonday #BestVersion2017 #CommitmentIsEverything #Freeletics
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    Will 2017 be just another year, or the year you become your best version? You have 24 hours left to save 30% on your training Coach. This is your chance. Act now. Link in our bio. #Freeletics #FreeAthlete #BestVersion2017 #NoExcuses
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    40 new exercises, 1 outcome: real athleticism. Training with the Freeletics Bodyweight Coach is now even more holistic. 40 new exercises to train mobility, strength, stamina and endurance. Leaving no muscle unworked and no potential unleashed. Link in our bio. #Freeletics4.0 #BestVersion2017