Paola "Pao Pao" Mathé


Sharing snippets of my life. I just want to share my colors with the world. 🍍 Haitian fairy. Founder of @fanmdjanm🎈E: [email protected]

  • about 13 hours ago
    Showing up and facing all my fears (old and current) like... #findingpaola 📷 @underground_nyc
  • about 18 hours ago
    I promise you. It's ok to be underestimated. Let them underestimate you, baby. ✨🌸💕 #findingpaola #haitianfairy
  • 2 days ago
    Curiosity made the girl. Never mind the spiderwebs. Climb, read, and dream. From Petion-Ville to Louisiana, not much has changed. #findingpaola #paolalostinnola 📷 @underground_nyc #nola #followyournola
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  • 10 days ago
    Mangos, no matter where I see them, take my back to my childhood in Haiti. The true carefree days. Toes hugging the ground. Face covered with dried mango juices. Rivers of mango juices running from my hands to my elbows. I'll take all the mangos please. #findingpaola
  • 13 days ago
    #mood • Take me to Bourbon street, and I'll tame all the snakes. Sell roses on the sidewalk next to the beautiful lady with the golden hair to your lover. Twirl to jazz. Make friends with a young magician, and drink mystery tequila from a cooler. Basically, take me to Bourbon Street and I'll show you what it takes to be a modern day fairy. #findingpaola #paolalostinnola #haitianfairy
  • 15 days ago
    Little red skirts and #NewYorkCity streets go hand in hand. And guess what?! We've added more upcycled bell sleeved blouses on the @fanmdjanm site! Size S to 2XL (all one of a kind!) Go check them out! 💃🏿 #findingpaola #paolalostinnewyorkcity #liketkit 📷 @underground_nyc
  • 18 days ago
    Hello Monday! I'm ready for you! Did you know about my prom dress giveaway in partnership with @faviana_ny? I'm looking to give three hardworking, deserving high school students a gorgeous prom dress this year! Click the link in my bio for more info. #findingpaola #faviana 📷 @underground_nyc
  • 19 days ago
    Fanm Djanm (@fanmdjanm) is not just a lifestyle brand. It's an ongoing project celebrating strength, beauty, vulnerability, softness, growth, and sisterhood. Isabelle referred to my work as magical realism. It's probably the best way to describe the direction I'm trying to go with in my visuals. I'm going to work on being better at it. Every single day. • Photo/creative direction by me. #findingpaola #ijustwanttosharemycolorswiththeworld #fanmdjanm
  • 19 days ago
    Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to twirl. And twirl she did. Everywhere she went. Under the shining sun and the moonlight. She twirled in the rain too. She never allowed anyone's negativity to keep her from twirling. She twirled in New York City, and New Orleans too. She also twirled in Jacmel, London, Paris, and Zanzibar. And twirl she will continue to do. No matter what. No matter where. #findingpaola #paolalostinnola #followyournola #nola
  • 20 days ago
    I rolled up three giant pieces of oil cloths, several light stands and lighting equipment, a few lenses, headwraps, fruits, and headed to Newark, NJ to shoot Vovo. I never considered how heavy things would get and how many times I would need to go up and down flights of stairs during transfers, but I made it! Also, none of the lighting equipment mattered because I ended up using only natural light. We were shooting @kikabolinha's grandma. And as we moved furniture around to set up the background, she started questioning the whole situation. "Why would you guys come all the way out here to photograph me?" We replied: Why wouldn't we? She told us she was our canvas for the day and that we could do whatever we wished, and so we got to work. @kikabolinha painted her nails, added highlighter to her cheek bones, a swipe of lipstick, some colorful eyeliner here and there. I wrapped her head, positioned her in front of the backdrop that took us a while and some creativity to put up. We dressed, and accessorized her. As the shoot continued, I gave her directions in a language she barely understood. She started getting into it, until I started cutting lemons to make her earrings. She looked at me and said in Portuguese, "Is this karma coming back to get me?" Nevertheless she allowed us to accessorize her in fresh lemon earrings. Meet Vovo, mother of eight, grandmother of thirteen, great grandmother of one, and the most confident muse I've ever photographed. #ijustwanttosharemycolorswiththeworld #findingpaola • Photo/creative direction by me for @fanmdjanm • Styling by @kikabolinha
  • 21 days ago
    I had a fantastic date night with my husband at the @nycballet spring gala last night! The performances were superb. Thank you @faviana_ny for dressing me, and @que_saraaah for the invitation! #findingpaola #paolalostinnewyorkcity #nycballetgala #faviana • Headwrap: @fanmdjanm (evening collection launching soon...) 💄@tenelleveira