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Sharing snippets of my life. I just want to share my colors with the world. 🍍 Haitian fairy. Founder of @fanmdjanm🎈E: [email protected]

  • about 8 hours ago
    One step at a time. Small step. Long stride. A leap. If you can't do one, do the other. Don't forget to rest. Don't forget to breathe. Don't forget to smell the flowers. Don't forget to love and notice the beauty, the growth, the progress. Then keep on stepping. #findingpaola #paolalostinnewyorkcity 📷 @underground_nyc
  • 1 day ago
    One of the #ManyThingsIWillMissAboutNewYorkCity is watching the city (that never sleeps) wake up. When I first moved here. I'd party all night on a Tuesday then walk from the lower east side to midtown. One of my favorite days was when I went straight to the top Empire State Building after my long walk. I was all alone but felt so happy studying everything about the city that stole my heart. I'd smile walking past the doorman. Shop managers would lift the metal gates others would sweep the sidewalk. Older Asian ladies would practice tai chi by the water. But the best of all things each and every time would be to catch the sunrise. No matter where I'd be, I'd stop dead in my tracks. Watching as my heart raced with the sun. I'd tell myself, "Yep! Today is going to be a glorious day!" I used to wake up at the break of dawn and I'd run to the East side river to catch the sunrise. Sometimes, I'd pretend I was part of a story book and I'd dance by myself. True story. #findingpaola #paolalostinnewyorkcity #NewYorkCity
  • 2 days ago
    What can I really say about softness? Except that we can be soft. When we want to be . Not really because we're expected to be. #ijustwanttosharemycolorswiththeworld#findingpaola #givemeallthepinks • ps, we were playing with lighting in the office yesterday because sometimes natural light likes to play games. First time I set up a softbox by myself (wearing all pink). 🌸I had to figure it out myself since YouTube photography videos are weird. Why can't they just get to the point?
  • 3 days ago
    I was once told I had my hands in too many pies. That I couldn't be satisfied doing just one thing. And now I realize that is very true. I love fashion, shiny and pretty things, but I also like the idea of a simple life. I like glamour, but I also love getting dirty and sweaty. I like exploring. Not just the world, but also my thoughts. My emotions. My sudden mood switches. Other people's thoughts and emotions. I used to say that I could never get bored because I'm always thinking of something. But now I always have to push myself to do something different because I can easily get bored. Remember when I asked you guys that question? I loved reading your answers! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. #findingpaola #paolalostinnewyorkcity #nycblogger • Ps, I'm expanding my team, I'm look for a creative intern with extensive experience in video editing (based in NYC). Candidate must have knowledge in Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Tools and monthly stipend will be provided. Serious candidates please email with "creative video intern" in subject line. Please include links to your recent works to be considered. Let's work! 📷 @underground_nyc
  • 4 days ago
    Oh Thursday, March 23rd, 2017, @nytimes printed a story about me and my colors, and I received love from people from all over the world. Me. Little me from Petion-Ville, Haiti. Little me who spent my teenage years in Newark, NJ, not knowing much about myself or the world. My biggest dream back then was to afford to eat at a sidewalk cafe like the fancy characters on the television did. I moved to New York City in January, 2009, right after I graduated from college. I didn't know why I moved, but I knew I needed to be here. I moved because of how I felt when I saw the city for the very first time. That was also my very first day in the United States. For whatever reason, we drove through Times Square (which is now a nightmare to me). My brother slept while I sat in the back of the car, hands and forehead glued to the window, glancing up at the lights as my heart raced. I wanted to jump out and get lost. I told myself that one day I would live there and do just that (get lost), and I did. That's how the blog "Finding Paola" started. I worked at approximately seven places in New York City before I started @FanmDjanm, not counting the babysitting and odd jobs. At one point, I worked three jobs all at once. The titles don't really matter but they included: research assistant, server, bartender, host, guest services, research assistant, reservations manager, sales and marketing manager, accounting and human resources manager, back to server, manager. I've cried many times. I've felt lost many times. I've been treated less than human many times. I've doubted myself so many times. And I still have fears, you see. The only difference is, even when they still lurk after my dreams and desires, I push them aside, if even briefly, to get shit done. My advice to you, on this cloudy Sunday afternoon: Get shit done. Ignore the doubts, even the self-doubts. Do one thing at a time with what you have. Focus. And don't forget to breathe. #FindingPaola • Thank you @tariromz @mrwhite_
  • 6 days ago
    One of the #ManyThingsIWillMissAboutNewYorkCity is going to great live theater. I absolutely love Broadway! I saw my first musical in high school, and it changed my life and the way I viewed the world. At that time, I lived in Newark, and my family couldn't afford to take me. I started and successfully ran a fundraising campaign in high school just so I could take some my schoolmates with me. It was a dream come true! Recently, I had the opportunity to go watch @wecomefromaway with the husband, and it was phenomenal. I wrote all about the impromptu date night on the blog. And I loved it so much, I'm also giving away to tickets to one lucky person! Tag a friend and click on the link in bio for more info! #findingpaola #nyc #broadway #giveaways #nycblogger
  • 7 days ago
    (Turn up your volume) Thank you @elevencubed for inviting me to your school in Brooklyn to spend a day with your students. Thank you @_clairedub for capturing all these sweet moments. I talked about the importance of recognizing our strengths. Being open to the beauty around us even if we don't think it exists. Believing in our potentials as an individual and as a group. For some of us, just waking up is a fight. Life is not easy in many worlds, but it doesn't mean it's not worth the fight. Here they were smiling, sharing their stories, and welcoming me to their worlds. I shared a bit of my story... As a teenager not knowing a lick of English moving to a one-bedroom apartment with my parents and sibling in Newark, NJ. To being a curious young woman who wanted to try new things even when people around me told me it wasn't possible. To getting my degree. To moving to New York City. To quitting my first big job to become a server so I can learn about myself. To listening to the creative voice inside of me. I enjoyed letting them speak and just listening about their feelings, passions, and talents. Looking around the room, I saw so much hope. One of the students is a young mother who aspires to be a lawyer because she believes people who come from where she comes from often don't get second chances, and she wanted to change that. Another shared a poem about being misunderstood. There were so many special moments in the room that day. I'm grateful there are teachers like @elevencubed who create programs like these for their students. Your students have inspired me beyond words. #findingpaola #paolalostinnewyorkcity
  • 9 days ago
    New highlighter, who dis? • Vovo for @fanmdjanm • styled by @kikabolinha 📷 me • #findingpaola #paolalostinnewyorkcity • PS, I had my first #nytimes feature today. I'm still trying to wake up from this dream. I'll revisit soon. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me. I'm so grateful for all your love. The story gets printed in this Thursday's paper I was told! #IJustWantToShareMyColorsWithTheWorld
  • 10 days ago
    Looking at the week ahead like... If you've been following me for a while, you'd know that comfort is priority when it comes to my personal style. I published a new post on the blog featuring THREE ways I styled this super comfy beautiful pants from @matterprints and more! Let me know what you think. Click link in bio. #findingpaola
  • 11 days ago
    My toes sank in the black sand as I stepped toward the water. My right hand embraced a cool glass of Ti Punch, a local drink made with rum, sugar cane, and lime, that I must confess was my drink of choice during my visit - I had it everyday with lunch and dinner, and as an afternoon snack. My other hand cupped the end of my long, flowy dress as I continued to follow the direction of the sun. Each step felt like an awkward, clumsy waltz. The wind picked up, and it whimsically pulled the dress from my hand and I watched it sway away in its direction. (Memories of Gwada. Check out the photo journal on the blog.) #findingpaola #guadeloupe #memories #iamatraveler
  • 12 days ago
    I've decided to be really happy at the moment. To think outside of the box when I'm faced with challenges. To take it one day at a time, one step at time, one breath at a time. I've decided to be really happy at the moment. What about you? #Findingpaola #liketkit
  • 13 days ago
    When you have a idea or something exciting you'd like to try, it's always best to not share it with just anyone. Some people will talk you out of it before you even try. And you too will start believing less of your potential. I produced, styled and photographed the next big Fanm Djanm story with four models. All the colors, every single detail was put together by me. My heart raced the whole time. Months of planning and budgeting had to all come to reality in just a few hours. But I had to push myself. I had to believe. Sweet things are coming... #Fairythingz #IJustWantToShareMyColorsWithTheWorld #Findingpaola