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    Feisty leading the pack #pleasure @feistmusic
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    New #feist album #pleasure out of aunt Feisty!! Thank you for letting me chase you around after dark
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    Baby 🐥 momma 🐤 🥄🥄
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    @voguemagazine thank you so much for featuring us today🙌🏼🌈 #Vogue125. @ali_r_bird your Schwartz tush is trending! #Repost @voguemagazine with @repostapp ・・・ Photographer Cass Bird and her partner, director Ali Bird, first met in 1997 and, after numerous false starts, they forged a partnership that has flourished for 14 years. Nine years ago Cass gave birth to their first child, Leo, and 20 months later Ali begat Mae. The Birds share photographs and videos weekly with more than 134,000 followers on Cass’s Instagram. The line between privacy and honesty is something that the couple negotiates together. “We fight about it, and I fight about it internally,” Cass says. “What is promoting beauty and freedom and what is potentially harmful? I know that bodies are easily sexualized; I am not naive. I think they are beautiful, strong creatures. My goal is that no one would ever sexualize their image.” Says Ali, “Cass is really aware of being a public figure who is gay and has the potential to affect other people who may feel they can’t have a child or a family.” Cass adds, laughing, “Can’t just everyone be naked?” In celebration of Vogue's 125th birthday we photographed American women, coast to coast. Tap the link in our bio to see the full project. Photographed by @cassblackbird. #AmericanWomen #Vogue125
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    Today on @voguemagazine thank you for featuring us as representative of new "American family" #sallysinger @ali_r_bird #Vogue125 🌈
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    Thank you @voguemagazine #sallysinger #Vogue125. @ali_r_bird. . Ps I don't think marriage is easy for the record. 😂. So honored!!
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    Gramming the graham
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