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Official IG for the #BlackLivesMatter Global Network. BLM is a call to action & response to anti-Black racism. Join the movement. ✊🏾

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    No one-trick ponies here, fam. Our movements are alive, well, and strategic af. See you on the winning side! "Despite reports to the contrary, the national constellation of racial-justice organizations loosely referred to as the Black Lives Matter movement is alive and well. It would be easy to think otherwise: BLM appears less frequently in the news than it did between 2013 and last year, when the movement responded forcefully in the streets and online to a string of black deaths at the hands of police. But conversations with just over a dozen people in the movement suggest otherwise. BLM organizers are still in the streets in places like Charlottesville and Boston, where white supremacists mobilized this summer. From St. Louis, Missouri, to Lansing, Michigan, they’re engaging with electoral politics in new ways. And they’re taking the time to reflect on and develop new strategies for moving forward given the changed political terrain." Link in bio ✊🏾
  • about 1 month ago
    The Black Lives Matter Global Network has been on the forefront of racial justice for the past four years, and we need your help to support our local chapters’ fights against the hatred of organized white supremacists. This past week, the world has had to watch with horror as the events in Charlottesville unfurled. We witnessed white supremacists terrorize the streets in the name of the confederacy, a brutal attack on our supporters that left one woman dead, and a president that publicly defended these actions. There is great reason to believe that attacks like this will continue in the next few weeks. And our 40+ local chapters around the globe will need resources to organize, support, and defend themselves.
  • about 1 month ago
    1. Provide financial support for ongoing mental healthcare, trauma counseling, and living expenses for Black organizers as well as victims of violence Friday and Saturday, especially people of color: 2. Call the office of Judge Richard Moore of Charlottesville Circuit Court (434–970–3766) to urge him to dismiss an upcoming court case for which there is an August 30 hearing, disputing the ability of the City Council to remove the Robert E. Lee statue that white supremacists are defending. Here’s a sample script. Read more. Link in bio:
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    Three things you can do to combat white supremacy: 1. Organize Courageous Conversations 2. Pressure Elected Officials 3. Demand Justice It's important to remember that white supremacy is not just people in hoods, nor can it be reduced to only people who are poor, rural and white. White supremacy is a web of violent and abusive behaviors bolstered by white nationalists, racist elected officials, violent police and law enforcement, corporate money, and you. Yes, you. And me, too. White supremacy is an insidious spectrum ideology, so most of us perpetuate it even if we don’t mean to. If we want to win this battle, we need to open our eyes to all the symbiotic ways white supremacy touches each and every one of our lives — and then come up with the best course of action to fight it. #BlackLivesMatter #DefendCville Link in bio.
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    ✨Coming soon!✨Interested in hearing about what BLM is up to across the country and being the first to know when our new hats, hoodies, lawn signs and other resistance gear is available? Visit, scroll to the bottom and sign up for updates. Link in bio. #blacklivesmatter
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    Tonight @yvonneorji @chloe_Hilliard @overfab @michellrbuteau @yamaneika will be taking the stage at @carolinesonbroadway to raise money for @blmnyc for political prisoners. Longest running Black women's comedy show in NYC. #BlackAugust #SistersOfComedy #blacklivesmatter
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    The Kinks, Locks and Twists 2017 Conference offers women, gender non-conforming and trans people of color and allies a unique space to explore the dynamic relationship between the health and well-being of our bodies, communities and the ecosystems in both a local and global context. Join Black Lives Matter and New Voices of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Cleveland for for three full days of speakers, workshops, self-healing practices, entertainment and a Black Hair Institute centered around celebrating the strength, power and intellect of Black women and women of color in America today. You won’t want to miss it. Philly, Aug. 17-19, register at #LoveSowGrow #KLT2017 cc: @newvoices4rj
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    3 years ago #EricGarner was murdered by police. His family won't stop until justice is served. Neither will we. #BlackLivesMatter
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    We're raising $40k in 4 days to celebrate #4YearsofBLM. Donate + read about where #BlackLivesMatter is today at ♥️
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    Interested in hearing about what BLM is up to across the country? Visit to sign up for updates. Link in bio. #blacklivesmatter
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    Happy 4th anniversary, from the @BlkLivesMatter comms team! #BlackJoy #4YearsofBLM ♥️ |