Black Lives Matter


Official IG for the #BlackLivesMatter Global Network. BLM is a call to action & response to anti-Black racism. Join the movement. ✊🏾

  • 13 days ago
    #SACREDRESISTANCE On Saturday, April 1, 2017 in Washington, DC and at satellite locations around the world, spiritual leaders, practitioners, people of faith, and all those who value the sanctity of humanity will join together with #BlackLivesMatter for 24 hours of #SacredResistance. Summoning our collective spiritual energy, we will pray, chant, sing, dance, meditate, drum, and invoke all that is sacred in order to drive out hate, oppression, and fear and usher in the spirit of divine peace, justice, and love. People of all faiths and those with no defined spiritual practice are encouraged to participate from 12:01AM to 11:59PM on April 1st. Programming in Washington, DC will be held at Meridian Hill Park beginning at 11AM and synchronized actions are being convened around the globe.
  • 24 days ago
    Our final image for #BlackFuturesMonth is courtesy of acclaimed graphic artist Emory Douglas, and an accompanying essay by Barbara Ransby. “We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin … the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered.” #emorydouglas #blacklivesmatter
  • 24 days ago
    It’s the final day of #BlackFuturesMonth! We close out with a piece by @delanodunn - curated by @artnoirco - and accompanying essay by Barbara Ransby. “Revolution begins with a dream.” #ARTNOIR #BlackLivesMatter
  • 25 days ago
    Today in #BlackFuturesMonth we have an art piece by @felixjacksonjr and a brilliant article by LaShawn Erby on tackling voter suppression and ending voter apathy.
  • 25 days ago
    We continue #BlackFuturesMonth with a poster from Brandan BMike Odums @bmike2c on Transformative Justice, with an accompanying editorial from @adriennemareebrown entitled "How We Learned (Are Learning) Transformative Justice" #BlackFuturesMonth17
  • 25 days ago
    Five years ago today, Trayvon’s extrajudicial murder and his family’s commitment to ending gun violence and strengthening communities catalyzed a generation of organizers and activists to take action for Black lives. Five years later, the same conditions that led to Trayvon’s death have been exacerbated under the Trump administration. Anti-Blackness is pervasive and implicit, and Black children and adults continue to be put on trial for our own murders. The perceptions of Black people and Blackness in America, and globally, have resulted in the refusal to acknowledge the unique cultural contributions of Black people. Moreover, they perpetuate prejudice, deadly policing, racist legislation, and interpersonal violence. Trayvon Martin's death sparked a movement. Join us in remembering him. Sketch by: @robert_tres Design by: @l.a.casanova #RememberingTrayvon #TrayvonTaughtMe #TalkAboutTrayvon #DearTrayvonsMom #BlackLivesMatter
  • 26 days ago
    Today in #BlackFuturesMonth we celebrate Reproductive Justice with this beautiful piece by @alyssaosasere. Check out the accompanying article by Renee Bracey Sherman titled, "I Dream of Healthy Black Futures" on @blackvoices #blackfutures17
  • 27 days ago
    #BlackFuturesMonth continues with an art piece from @babusi_nyoni and "Black Land And Its Role In The Liberation of Black People" written by Karissa Lewis. #BlackFuturesMonth17
  • 28 days ago
    Today in #BlackFuturesMonth we have a piece from @felixjacksonjr and "The Black Possibilities Coup" written by Amtyah Osunbunmi Asili. #BlackFuturesMonth17
  • 29 days ago
    Today in #BlackFuturesMonth we have a piece by @coilyandcute and an editorial from Tiffany Dena Loftin entitled "Pay Young Black Folks To Do The Work They Want To Do". #BlackFuturesMonth17
  • about 1 month ago
    One more piece of art today from @jlagarrigue celebrating the galaxy that is Black women and femmes. Grateful for the work of all of the artists today! #BlackFuturesMonth #BlackFuturesMonth17
  • about 1 month ago
    #BlackFuturesMonth's celebration of Black Women continues with a piece of art from @peraltaprjct #BlackFuturesMonth17