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  • 2 days ago
    This was taken yesterday when the rain wasn't so threatening to any plans of al fresco dining. Today is another story. But, it's only 10 days until I bid this grey weather farewell and say bonjour to the French Alps and bask in all its sun and warmth - hurray! Picnic basket and espadrilles c/o @nextofficial (it's my first ever picnic basket; I feel like such an adult)
  • 4 days ago
    Breakfast together, still lounging in your pyjamas at 11 am, lie ins (well, if it's your turn to lie in that is), and #allthatisthree, that's what Sunday's are all about.
  • 5 days ago
    There are many things in this world that make me happy (true happiness that gets right down to my bones): cake, tea, family, friends, rainbows (even pretend ones made from a slinky), love, compassion, Jeremy Corbyn, Christine and the Queens, and equality. Today, more than ever, we need to be reaching out to one another and showing solidarity, no matter what your sex, race, age, sexual orientation, origin, religion, or skin colour is; it doesn't matter. You're human, I'm human, and that means we're equal. Nothing more, nothing less. #loveislove My entry for this weekend's @instagram hashtag project #WHP🌈
  • 7 days ago
    When the book you want to read is on the top shelf, and you can't quite avalanche. And F.Y.I, Boy Dom enjoyed throwing books at me way more than he should have 🙄
  • 8 days ago
    Happy National Picnic Week! Any excuse for a picnic in this house. What is it with kids and their unbreakable love for food served outside, on a blanket, and typically pulled out from a basket? We could be going anywhere for the day, but if theirs even a mention of picnics the girls are happy. And when the contents include all of these delicious and nutritious snacks from @saykallo, it makes me even happier. I’ll be taking over the @saykallo Instagram feed tomorrow, so head over there to see more from me. #KeepItKallo #KalloCollective #sp
  • 9 days ago
    Give her a roll of paper bigger than her, and she still manages to draw on the walls 😂🙈 'That's ok Mammy, isn't it?' - if it keeps you occupied for longer than five minutes, then yes. Draw away, little one. Studio Roller by @georgeandwilly
  • 10 days ago
    Too hot to sit in the garden. Too hot to drink tea. Too hot to walk about. Too hot to breathe. But, not too hot to pretend your arm is a sunflower.
  • 11 days ago
    Inspired by Penny's newfound love for The Beatles and Penny Lane (or Penny Jane in this house). And although Amelia isn't fussed on 60s music, and rolls her eyes every time we play it (for the millionth time), she had no objections to the 60s wardrobe. #allthatisthree
  • 13 days ago
    Little Penny. She may be small in height; however, her personality is anything but. She’s passionate, determined, strong-willed, and a force of nature. There’s a new post in collaboration with @clarkskids over on the blog (because what better way to pave the way for our future leader, but to provide her with the right kind of shoes to do it in). Talking about what life is really like living with Penny, who’s such an independent, strong-willed three-year-old girl - our daily debates, and why it’s a trait that (although, at times is hard) I now celebrate. Link in bio #clarkskids #sp
  • 14 days ago
    She, he, coffee and tea ☕️
  • 15 days ago
    Eating their greens together. Do you ever wonder what your animals are thinking or what they would say if they could talk? Bugs would mostly sounds like this... 'Ah shit, the noisy girl who insists on chasing me around the house, asking for a cuddle is back from that thing they call nursery again - run, hide, save yourself!' Or just 'Mmmm, dandelion leaves 🤤'
  • 16 days ago
    As I lay in the garden today, flowers and petals cascading from my hair, Boy Dom precariously standing/stretching above me to capture the shot, I thought to myself...'really, what must the neighbours think?' 🙈 There's a new blog post tonight: the second edition of my Working With Brands series is live, and this time I explain (what I believe are) the do's and the don'ts of when brands reach out to you. Link in bio